Enugu & Oddities of Endorsement Bazaar, by Patrick Mba

OrijoReporter.com, Patrick Mba

Its indeed, heart wrenching  and very great disservice to Enugu state,  that while other states of the federation are commissioning built projects, to palliate and assuage the debilitating nerve wrecking penury within the polity, Enugu State government, has embarked on a perdition detour of filtering away, our collective patrimony in a jamboree ENDORSEMENT GALORE  of a governor, who in the past forty months of his administration, has no major project attributed to him, yet, he wants a second tenure by paying all manner of charlatans to endorse him.

To have opted for a cheap endorsement strategy instead of flaunting his achievements, is a glaring testimony that he has failed as a governor.

He has stigmatized governance with sheer lack of road map, which is an indispensable prerequisite for dynamic and robust governance at the expense of NDI ENUGU.

To say that Enugu State has been in the doldrums since the emergence of Gov. Ugwuanyi amounts to over flogging the facts. Its therefore, most unfortunate, repugnant and worrisome that the government of Rt. Hon. Lawrence Ugwuanyi, in the past forty two months, cannot point to any major project or investment stride attributed to him.  What a set-back for Enugu State that used to be a pace setter!

The governor is very well known for his big heart and buoyed generosity in given out largess to pals and political fratelli, but governance transcends such a trajectory as it is based on vision and not ambition.

Governance is all about vision, creativity and ability to manage people and resources so as to optimize the political dividends for the good of the people.

These germane hallmarks are none existent in this government. His benevolence includes but not limited to doling out money to people at social functions, market places, hospitals and other sundry places instead of deploying same, for infrastructures that could serve a wider perspective.

Government is not and shall never be a Father Christmas.  But unfortunately, that’s the sordid state of things in Enugu state.

While other states are commissioning major projects and wooing investors into their States, Enugu state is building culverts and inaugurating pool betting and lotteries among pauperized indigenes.  These show you the level of thinking within the government and the amount of decay inherent in the welfare of NDI ENUGU.

The salient questions are: how many times have you seen Enugu State Government showcasing their achievements on the television channels? Never, because they have nothing to show, only waste and profligacy. How many times have you seen Enugu youths and artisans attend empowerment programs both here and outside? How many schools have you seen getting facelifts? How many hospitals have you seen been revitalized? All You  see  on the social media and others are propaganda  ‘G17’ & their ENDORSEMENTS therapy, one would therefore ask,  when has  endorsement become an achievement?

NDI ENUGU should wake up and take up their destinies in their own hand as eight wasteful years in a life of a state, is a colossal draw back.  Time to act is now. Today, the government dynamics and barometric in Enugu State is ENDORSEMENTS of Governor Ugwuanyi, which  unfortunately, cuts across diverse strata, starting from sand diggers, barbers, widows, palm wine tappers, ugba sellers & all manner of charlatans, just form a group , endorse & get paid.

The governor has become a PAYMASTER for praise singers. If the governor has performed, he would have leveraged on same for his second tenure, but in the face of his abysmal performances, he’s now resorting to all manner of ridiculous tactics including the laughable endorsement scheme, his only achievement so far.

It is therefore very imperative that NDI ENUGU must wake up now to rescue their state or brace up for another wasteful and barren four years while her neighbouring states are on the move.

Remember that Rt. Hon. Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi was in the House of Representatives for 12years and that the last time I googled his contributions in terms of bills that he sponsored while the sabbatical lasted, I found none. A stitch in time saves nine, ‘who shall bail Enugu state’?

Ozo(Engr) Patrick Mba is a social advocate based in Lagos

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