After her husband of 27 years walked out on her, a 50-year-old British woman is now lost in the thrill of dating married men.

Sunday Mirror reports that in Janet Saunders may look like a typical prim and proper ¬middle-aged woman when she is dressed-up for a night out – but the truth is very different.

Perfectly manicured nails, flawless make-up and modest, conservative dresses give no clue to a secret sex life that makes her the last woman who wives want their men to chat to.

For mum-of-two Janet, 50, is a self-confessed sexual predator, who only targets other women’s partners.

So far she has bedded 13 different men in weekly romps that began after her own husband walked out.

And she admits she caters for an “adventurous” kind of love-making that is probably off-limits in their own bedrooms.

Janet spoke to the Sunday People at her home in an Oxfordshire town at the centre of David Cameron’s well-heeled “Chipping Norton Set”.

She giggled as she recalled: “A ¬policeman I was seeing wanted to be kidnapped, handcuffed and blindfolded and left naked in the middle of a field.

“Actually I refused to strip him in case he got hypothermia. It was hilarious.

“Then he wanted to be taken to an unknown location miles away where we could get naughty.

“I just blindfolded him and drove him round and round in circles.

“But unfortunately his fantasies got darker and eventually he wanted to have a knife held to his throat.

“I refused to do that. Another man wanted to have sex at his workplace. I drew the line at that as well.”

Janet went on: “I do look prim and proper. Folk would never suspect if they saw me walking down the road.

“They’d be shocked if they knew what I get up to. It’s all very exciting.”
But she is quick to defend her ¬unorthodox view.

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She said: “Some of these men didn’t even have a sex life. Most just want something more than the vanilla sex they have at home.janet 2

“Often they would be seeing ¬prostitutes if they didn’t see me, or perhaps having affairs that could threaten their home lives.”

Janet meets her sexual partners through an internet dating site called Illicit Encounters, which specialises in helping attached people have affairs.

She says attracting a string of lovers boosted her self-esteem after her -husband of 27 years announced he was leaving.

They met when Janet was just 19, got married within three years and soon had a daughter and son.

She recalled: “I was naive. I thought we’d grow old together. We had -everything, a big detached house, nice cars, exotic holidays…”

But Janet’s world was turned upside down in 2009 when her advertising executive husband came home and told her he was leaving her for an Eastern European woman he met online.

She said: “I was having a bath. He suddenly took off his clothes and got in with me. He said he’d fallen in love with this dolly bird.

“I was floored.”

After her husband left she was racked by a loss of self-esteem, struggling to believe any man would be interested in her.

She threw herself into work at a private healthcare company.

Then one day she spotted an advert for the dating website in a local -newspaper.

After signing up she was amazed when her email quickly filled with requests from men for a meeting.

But her first attempt at a ¬liaison proved disastrous.

Janet recalled: “I agreed to meet the very first person who asked. Looking back now, I was desperate.

“It was only four months after my husband had left so I guess I was still a bit low.

“I didn’t tell anyone where I was ¬going. We met in a station car park and stupidly I hopped on a train with him.

“I had no idea where we were going and think we ended up in Derby.

“He was obese. He said hello and started ¬groping me. I was petrified and called a male friend to rescue me.”

But Janet tried again and this time was swept off her feet by a well–mannered pilot.

“We hit it off straight away,” she said. “After a few drinks we ended up in a hotel. The sex was ¬fantastic – exciting and inventive.

“But I felt horribly guilty. I’d done to another woman ¬exactly what my husband had done to me.”

The pilot put her at ease.

Janet said: “He cuddled me and explained that he had a long-time partner who was ¬terminally ill and they hadn’t been able to have sex for years.

“Knowing all that made me feel a lot less guilty.”

Encounters with other men followed. Usually they were younger than her, with the youngest around 35.

She said: “These men are well groomed. There are pilots, policemen – lots of policemen – and even judges.

“You’d be amazed what they get up to. I couldn’t believe they would be interested in me. It became so gratifying.

“Some of them felt guilty about ¬cheating on their wives but I told them sex is a hunger and they were doing nothing wrong in feeding it.

“I’m not interested in being the other woman, making demands on their time, or taking them away from their families.

“I’m clean and the kind of sex that I have with their husbands isn’t the kind of sex they’d be interested in.

“Being with me leaves men happy and satisfied and ¬probably makes them better husbands.”

But Janet had a frightening experience with one lover – and it led to the secret life she had hidden from her grown-up children being laid bare.

She recalled: “He was a policeman and was perfectly nice the first time. But then he changed.

“We’d just had sex when he freaked out about cheating on his wife and blamed me for being a temptress.

“He grabbed me, pushed me around and threatened to assault me with his truncheon.

“By the time I got out of the room I was covered in bruises.

“My children could see something was wrong and I ended up blurting out what happened.”

Janet said that although her son and daughter were upset they have now come to accept the situation.

But she admits her new life of no-strings sex has not gone as planned.

For she has broken the cardinal rule of the dating site – she let herself fall in love.

Janet said: “He was another policeman, gorgeous with the body of a model.

“He was open-minded about sex and willing to try anything – role-playing and toys. He got me to explore bisexuality and I had my first threesome and foursome.

“But I started to get clingy, buying him things and wanting to see him all the time. He cut off all contact.”

Janet also still regularly sees the pilot she first dated around five years ago.

And she said: “I’ve fallen completely in love with him too. I’d give all this up for him but his situation won’t allow it.

“Never mind. There are plenty more fish in the sea – or on that website.”

Source: Sunday Mirror

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