Secretary to the Akwa Ibom State Government, Mr. Umana Okon Umana’s increasing and overwhelming desire to become the next governor of the state has forced him to take desperate measures orijoreporter can reveal.

The SSG who has in his possession highly classified documents on the sleaze of the incumbent, Gov. Godswill Akpabio has resorted to blackmail to achieve his political ambition. One of the documents leaked to orijoreporter was a report on how Gov. Akpabio is bleeding Akwa-Ibom State dry.

Sources told us that Umana’s other schemes include co-opting a local newspaper known as Insight to publish a report indicating that Umana may have been adopted as the party candidate after the Uyo Senatorial District PDP Stakeholders Meeting held at R&R Rendezvous, Uyo on Sunday April 28, 2013.

Our sources confirmed that because Umana had anticipated that he would conveniently hijack the meeting to get him adopted as candidate, the newspaper had gone ahead to print a cover story with the headline “Uyo Senatorial District PDP Adopts Umana: Bars Other Contestants” Aside from the newspaper front which had this headline and a story backing up the lie on page 12, was also displayed on the Facebook page of the newspaper even while the meeting was in progress.

We learnt that Umana who is believed to have sponsored the story and the management of the newspaper then ran in embarrassment to mop up all the copies of the newspapers which they had printed when they discovered that things were not going the way they anticipated.

Observers of politics in the state hinted that this was the latest in the desperate attempt by the current SSG to stampede Governor Akpabio into fulfilling the ‘agreement’ between the two of them that Umana would take over office from him at the end of the latter’s tenure in 2015.

Until recently when he saw that a number of people were beginning to show interest in the gubernatorial seat, we learnt that Umana had gone about with the confidence that Akpabio has no choice than to hand over to him. He was believed to have facilitated the emergence of the governor in 2007and 2011 and the two are said to have sworn to an oath that Akpabio would hand over to Obong Umana who has been his SSG since he became Governor.




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