Buhari likes cattle than human beings – Ortom


Benue State governor Samuel Ortom said President Muhammadu Buhari is enamoured of cattle than his fellow human beings.

Recall that Buhari is in the business of cattle with belief rife in some quarters that his administration treat those in the practice, most of whom are of the same stock with him, Fulanis with compassion allegedly at the detriment of farmers and people from the south.

The President has come under the attack of Ortom for approving the recommendation of a committee to revive 368 grazing sites in 25 states with the governor saying he (Buhari) protected the interest of the Fulanis and the herders and went on to draw comparison between him and the Taliban.

According to him, “The Buhari administration does not seem to be worried about the food crisis already ravaging the country. Farmers have been chased into IDP camps by herders and children are dying of starvation in addition to being denied education, yet what is more important to their President is the wellbeing of cows.

“We expected the pitiable condition of the displaced people to be the preoccupation of the President whom they voted in 2015 and 2019. It is unfortunate that the people’s genuine show of love, trust and votes for Mr. President are being rewarded with hate, cruelty and dictatorial policies aimed at grabbing their lands to donate to herders and cows.

“We challenge the Presidency to name what it has done to alleviate the plight of those displaced by herdsmen in Benue and other states since 2018.”

Continued: “What is the difference between the Buhari administration’s approach to insecurity and the Taliban agenda in Afghanistan? It is now evident that the government at the centre prioritises the welfare of cattle over human beings and is bent on taking Nigeria back to the pre-colonial era with some snippets of a society where in the words of Thomas Hobbes, life has become ‘solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short’.

“The country has been turned into a cow republic by the present administration and the basic principles of equality, justice, fairness and equity which engender peace and suppress anarchy are non-existent.

“President Buhari has refused to prove wrong those who accuse him of being a Fulani President. He has instead proven that he indeed belongs to somebody.”


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