Tottenham striker and Togo star Emmanuel Adebayor has blamed his poor form this season on his mother, who he accused of using juju to stop him from scoring goals.

Adebayor has only scored two goals in twelve matches for his premiership side, Tottenham Hotspur this season after netting fourteen in twenty-five matches last season.

The Togolese-born footballer found himself in the middle of a bizarre family feud after suggesting that his mother was a witch.

But his family, hit back by claiming that the star had been ‘brainwashed’ by Islamic spiritual healers who told him that his poor form on the football pitch was down to black magic.

The Christian footballer denied that he had mistreated his mother Alice, 62(pictured with him), and said that the family was using advisors in black magic against him.

He told Ghanaian radio station Peace FM: ‘Obviously I’m not a pastor, I am a footballer so I cannot point out a witch. I never sacked my mum from the house — she decided to leave the house.

‘But how am I going to be in touch with my mum if my mum is the one telling everyone that my work will not go forward.
‘They should stop talking, talking, they should stop doing juju on me — they should leave me alone.’

He accused his family members of plotting what to do with his wealth when he dies and said they were using advisors he referred to as ‘juju people’.

‘They have already shared all the things I worked for,’ he said. ‘They shared my houses, they shared my cars. They say, “If he dies this car is for you, this house is for you”. Can you imagine?’

Adebayor had phoned the station to angrily respond following an interview with his sister Maggie in which she claimed that the star had not financially supported his family.

As well as claiming that he had driven his mother out of the home believing she was a witch, she also claimed that he has refused to take a phone call from his family members for over a year.

But the riled sportsman said that he did give money to his mother and said his six siblings should do more to look after her.
He said: ‘If they claim I am not looking after my mother, we are seven and so why can’t the rest do it…they should go and work…I remit my mother every month.’

His lorry driver brother Kola said: ‘Every day my mother is crying. She told me, ‘Emmanuel has accused me of being a witch’.’

He said that Muslim advisors known as ‘alfas’ were manipulating his brother and had convinced the footballer that his mother is a witch.

Kola, 42, who lives in Bremen, Germany, said: ‘My mother is very sad. Every day she is crying. I just talked to her on the phone and she was crying again.

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‘Emmanuel will not even talk to her. He’s been brainwashed by these Muslim alfas — spiritual men — who prophesise when he scores goals and why he is not playing well.

‘My family is Christian but it is not unusual to visit Muslim spiritual healers. He is seeing bad alfas and they are manipulating him.’

He told the Sun: ‘This is the woman who suffered for all of us and carried him in her stomach for nine months. This is the son she gave birth to and looked after all his life.

‘And this is how he treats her. I am so angry with my brother.

‘Eight months ago he kicked his own mother out of her house. She is having to sell tomatoes to survive. She makes one or two euros a day — which is not enough to live on.’

The sibling said that he sends his mother 400 euros a month to rent an apartment and accused his brother of leaving the family in poverty.

He said: ‘In my culture you are supposed to help your family. But Emmanuel only takes care of himself and his friends.’

Adebayor has played for some of the world’s biggest football clubs, including Manchester City, Arsenal and Real Madrid.

The footballer was unable to walk for the first four years of his life and has claimed that he was cured when his mother took him to a church.

After a week of prayer he said that he was finally able to move when somebody kicked a football into the church’s yard and he wanted to chase it.

Source: MailOnline

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