Few hours after they relocated to their own house in Gbeganu Area in Minna, the Niger State capital, Seyi Adewale, a generator repairer, his wife, Felicia, aged 23 and their three-month-old daughter, Deborah were killed by toxic fumes which escaped from the generator into their room while they were all fast asleep.

The couple moved into their uncompleted building last Saturday but on Tuesday their bodies and that of their daughter were found in a fume-filled room.

It was gathered that they died on Saturday night, the day they moved into the new house.

The family retired to one of their rooms late in the night to enjoy their first night in the house switched on their generating set close to the room while the fume emitting from the set consumed them overnight. They never woke up to see the next day.

Unknown to other neighbours that they had parked in, the corpses of the three-member family remained in the room unattended to and were gradually decomposing.

However, the younger sister of the deceased husband, Deborah, who had been making frantic effort to locate her brother, got more worried on Tuesday, four days after they had moved into the new house.

It was a shocker to her after forcing the door of the house open to meet them dead after being killed by fume from the generator.

She immediately raised alarm which attracted other neighbours to the scene.

She said: “We last spoke on phone on Saturday night, when he was moving his property and family to the new house.

“On Sunday, which was the second day, I also called but nobody picked. I still tried on Monday thinking it was due to the poor network service or run-down battery and yet no response and that was why I decided to come down to the house only to meet my brother and family dead and decomposing.

“It is very unfortunate for this to have happened to my brother, especially at a time when we are supposed to be rejoicing with them on their new house.”

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  1. at a time when they were supposed to be enjoying their lives,death chose to strike. Well,God does things in mysterious ways. He knows best.

  2. i dont wanna sound mean but they died of ignorance. they put the generator too close to their window. Carbon mono oxide is very deadly that way. may their young souls rest in peace.

  3. this is just sad. coming at a time when everything seems to be blossoming for them. something else could have ended their lives abruptly too if they didnt die of that.


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