Nollywood actress Temitayo Odueke popularly known as Sikiratu Sindodo wishes she could be tall. In this interview, she talks about fashion, love life and her acting career.


Foray into acting
I never knew that I was going to act at all, my parents wanted me to study Law or Mass Communication. However, shortly after I finished my Senior School Certificate Examination, my friend came to my house and told me that an audition was taking place in Charles Novia’s office at Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere. When I got to the audition I did well and was asked to play the role of a hired assassin for Segun Arinze, the movie was titled HIRED ASSASSIN. I was given about six scenes to do. When Segun Arinze discovered that I was a Yoruba girl, he told me to hook up with a lady, I did and she invited me to her location. That was how I started getting roles, extras, party scene and all that until Sikiratu Sindodo brought me into limelight. When I joined the industry, all I wanted to do was to act and impress all the people around me, I never thought about money at all. Acting, I discovered, was my passion. I can’t do any other thing aside acting, I will act and act a million times. All my movies are my favourites  because as an actress, I have to  play any role assigned to me, so I like all the characters that I played in all my movies.

Definition of style
I believe that style has to do with your attitude and carriage. Your attitude, manner of approach, carriage and how you appear the first time people meet you, says a lot about your style. I love to look good at all times.  My mood and  the occasion I’m attending usually determine my mode of dressing.  In one sentence, my style is simple and classy.

Beauty regimen
Nothing much.  I just make sure I drink plenty water first thing in the morning. I am not really a make-up person. I only use it when it is necessary. I  use Black Up, Mac and Mary Kay beauty products.

Favourite designers
Michael  Kors,  Christian Louboutin, Zara and Armani Exchange

Choice of accessories
I use any nice accessory that  I like. I don’t care whether it is branded or not. Once I like it, I go for it.

Favourite colours
Red and royal blue. I feel comfortable in both colours.

Favourite perfumes
Chloe and Euphoria (Ck)

Accessory I can’t do without when going out
My wristwatch.

Fashion icons
I don’t think I have any. I admire anyone who dresses well.

Most expensive item in my wardrobe
My Rolex wrist watch. It was given to me as a gift.

Secret of my beauty
Sleep.  Any opportunity that I have, I use it to sleep. When one sleeps well, then, one is bound to look and feel beautiful.

Special treat
I go out with my man to a cool, calm and cozy place.

Opinion on toning
Different people with different opinions on how they want their skin to look like. As for me, I   do use cream on my body.

Gain Control Over Your School

On provocative dressing
I believe if you have it, flaunt it. The world is a global village so everyone can see what is happening in the western world. It is what they are wearing there that we are wearing too. Although some clothes are outrageous, there is nothing anyone can do about that because you can’t choose what other people can wear.

On cosmetic surgery
That for me is a no go area. I can’t go to that extreme. Moreover, other than my height (I wish I were taller) there is nothing I will like to change about myself.

What I can’t be caught dead wearing
Nothing that I can think of.

Greatest physical asset
My boobs of course!

Keeping fit
I am a lazy person so I do not exercise. I also don’t go to the gym because I don’t like stress at all. But I thank God because I am healthy. Indeed, acting on its own is an exercise so there is no need for me to do more.

My hair and nails.
I do all kinds of hairstyles but for the past one week, I had this traditional weaving (suku didi) on because of the heat. As for nails, I don’t joke with them. In fact, my nails are drop dead gorgeous each time you come across me.

Pains and gains of being a celebrity
The pains are that; negative things are said and written about us and the loss of one’s privacy. The gains on the other hand are that people recognise us wherever we go and we are accorded preferential treatment most times.

How I cope with advances from male fans
I don’t have any problem with them so far they don’t go beyond their bounds. I relate with many of them as friends and we get along well together.

On scandals and negative press
I didn’t let the scandals get to me because I saw them as the price to pay for stardom. That really helped me to cope with all the negative publicity.  I think I have kept a low profile in the last three years or thereabout.

How I spent Valentine’s Day
I was on set throughout that day till late in the evening. I later went to Ember Creek on Awolowo Road to celebrate Val with the movie ambassadors.

On when I intend to tie the knot
When God says it is time, I will get married. I want to marry a man who will love me for who I am, with my flaws and all. And of course, he has to be good looking.

Advice to upcoming actors.
They should be focused and pay attention to whatever they want to do. They should also be prayerful. I know that with time, they will get there. Once you are good, you will surely get to the top.


Culled from Tribune


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