Gov. Nasir El-Rufai has accused opposition of plotting to kill him.

The Kaduna State governor has come under attacked from opposition leaders in the state, including some members of his party, All Progressive Congress(APC).

Some of his government’s programmes, particularly, the banning of street begging and hawking in the state have been roundly condemned by both the opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) and some of his political associates.

An APC chieftain in the state, Senator Shehu Sani, in a recent interview expressed his disapproval of the law banning street begging and hawking.

“Gov. El-Rufai wants to give a false image of good life and sanity in Kaduna to the make it appear that everybody is rich and living comfortably because there are no beggars and hawkers on the streets when in reality they have only been pushed out to go and suffer somewhere else.

“But my position is that they must remain on the street until their issues are addressed. As far as I am concerned, the beggars need to be chasing after us, the rich people, knocking our windshields of our vehicles and constantly remind us that things are not well in our land,”
Senator Shehu Sani attacked El-Rufai’s government policy.

On Thursday, Gov. El-Rufai who recently returned to the country having travelled abroad for medical care made his first public appearance in about 10 days.

His sudden disappearance ignited rumours that he slumped in the office and was flown abroad.

And a veiled confirmation of the rumours, the governor on Thursday while addressing workers’ rally said opposition wants to kill him and are employing both physical and spiritual means to attack him.

“Opposition wanted me dead. But what they don’t know is that even if I am not here today, my deputy will continue. They can go ahead with their fetish activities, I don’t care,” Gov. El-Rufai fired back.

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