Contrary to what some men might imagine, it is blindingly obvious to a woman when her breasts are being stared at.
But what about the less overt, split-second glances our bosoms attract on a day-to-day basis? Nestlé attached a hidden camera to the bra of a female volunteer in London to find out, and somewhat predictably, discovered that it happens constantly.

Daily Mail reports that some men had clearly mastered the art of subtlety better than others, and women were just as likely to sneak a peek at the volunteer’s breasts as their male counterparts; resulting in 36 recorded glances in one day.

To be fair to the starers, the volunteer in this experiment was strolling around London with almost her entire lurid pink bra on show, worn under a mostly un-zipped sweater.

As she makes her way around the city – stopping by coffee shops, taking the underground and at the office – the number of breast-glances rapidly clocks up.BRA 3

Interestingly, the many women who stare at her chest do so in a much more blatant fashion, some with a detectable air of disapproval.BRA 5

In one clip, a baby quite reasonably gazes at the woman’s breasts, and in another, even a dog is drawn to them.
The video is part of a new Nestlé Fitness campaign which encourages women to examine their own breasts for early signs of breast cancer.

‘Your breasts are checked out every day,’ the end-caption reads. ‘So, when was the last time you checked your own?’
It may be everywhere, but our human fascination with breasts is actually something of a mystery among scientists. Women are the only female mammals whose breasts develop at puberty, irrespective of pregnancy.BRA 4

Additionally, male humans are the only mammals who show interest in breasts in a sexual context.BRA 5

Whatever the reason for this, there’s also a specific size ratio that men find most alluring, according to a recent study conducted by London-based plastic surgeon Dr Patrick Malluci.

Source: Daily Mail

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