Mercy Aigbe is a screen goddess. In this interview the mother of two who is married to hotelier Lanre Gentry speaks about her career, family and other sundry issues.

What does style mean to you?

Style simple means ability to dress comfortably and still look sexy and nice; because I believe the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Also one thing about me is that I just combine several colors of my choice and I when I storm the red carpet; fans and friends are usually like; mercy you killed it with your outfit; thumbs. I strongly believe that the way we dress dwell along with our age bracket.

What your view point about aging because I want to believe you look younger than your age?

I think you should age gracefully as you are expected to glide into it; I in particular, I am not afraid of aging because I should be able to decide certain stuffs for myself without considering my age. So many people are afraid of getting old soon because they may not continue their fashion trend again but the fact remains that you carry on gradually in style and trend as your age continue to roll on.

Are you saying you not afraid of getting old soon?

(Laugh), afraid say wetin happen; I am going to shine till I die because I don’t believe in getting old before I fade out; when you see my mother; then you will appreciate nature because she is looks far younger than her present age. I believe even when I clock let’s say 70 in years to come; I will still be looking smashing and take-away.

Sincerely you don’t look your age; what is the secret of your youthful look?

Whoa!!! People say this time without number that I don’t look my age and the only secret is that I just want to say I am blessed because when a lot of people sees my daughter and they are like; are you sure she is really yours and stuffs like that. I have a grandmother who is 99years and does not look the age as well; I can just say that youthful look runs in the family. However, inspite of my busy schedules from one location to another, I still create that time to go for my facials; in all I just pamper myself.

What is it about your acting career that you loved so much?

One fact still remains that I love my job so much with passion; aside from the fact that I had an OND in Accounting, acting is in-born for me and I went further to study Theatre Art in the University and I strongly understand all the rudiments attached to it.

What was the first movie you took part in?

I had featured in ‘Super Story and ‘Papa Ajasco’ even before I delved into Yoruba movies. I did soaps like ‘Images’ produced by Fidelis Duker and I did another soap whose title I cannot recollect now, which was produced by Chico Ejiro. The Yoruba movie that defined my brand is entitled, ‘Ara,’ which was produced by Wemimo Olu Paul, a prominent producer in Ibadan, Oyo State. After ‘Ara’ was released into the market, I just discovered that I was getting more scripts from Yoruba movie producers and before I knew it, my face was everywhere.

Professionally, how many movies have you produced?

So far, I have produced six movies. The first movie I produced was entitled, ‘Abimbola’. Others are, ‘Afe Aye;’ ‘Hajia Jemila,’ ‘Osas Omoge Benin,’ ‘Gucci Girls,’ and I have another one, which is still in the making.

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With the nature of your job; how have you been able to take care of the home front?

Sincerely it has not been easy combining both but I have got to choice than to protect my home front before my acting career because that is where I fall back to even when the acting career is no longer working. It has been hectic though; but God has always been my strength.

Will you say you are enjoying every bit of motherhood?

Yes I am because first I have got the best husband whom I call my baby and my kids are just wonderful; they are my source of joy and inspiration. Let me say here also that I am more mature now in handling things the way it should be because I have also got a matured husband.

Considering the nature of your job; how often do you hit locations while pregnant?

One thing I am always happy about is that each time am pregnant people don’t get to know easily because I don’t usually have the big tummy like other women; so it really worked for me but believe me sincerely even at eight month, I still work in location because I am not usually comfortable sitting down at home doing nothing. So at times it takes my husband to go as far as reporting me to my in-laws that I am over stressing their baby. I am a workaholic to the core.

How do you relax when you are not working?

I spend quality time with my family. I take my two children out or I go somewhere exotic with my husband because I am romantic at heart. So, any time I am off work, I try to bond with them.

In one word how will you describe your husband?

Ah!!! One word cannot describe him because he is my father, my love and more importantly my baby as I am fond of calling him. He is a caring and loveable person and the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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