‘NYSC, stupid student doctor killed my sister’

OrijoReporter.com, Ifedolapo Oladapo dies in NYSC cAMP

Kemi Oladapo, younger sister of a female National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) member, Ifedolapo Oladapo, who recently died in Kano, has accused the NYSC and a student doctor of killing the deceased.


Kemi who made this allegation in post on her Facebook wall on Friday, in which she put a curse on the alleged killers also gave her account of events leading to Ifedolapo’s death.

“NYSC killed you with their negligence and stupid student doctor that knows nothing who gave you the injection, saw how your body reacted to it and turned off your phones. May the wrath of God be upon such people and may they have unending sadness in their lives..” Kemi wrote.

The NYSC has denied complicity in the death of Ifedolapo, the late 26-year-old corps member who graduated with a First Class degree in Transport Management from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho.

It said in a statement released on Friday, “We try all possible best to save her life but we finally lost him. Our doctors on camp did their best before taken her to the hospital it’s unfortunate she did not survive it.”

Reproduced below is the deceased’s sister’s Facebook post:

Death! Why did you come into my household and take my sister away. Ifedolapo mi,when death came knocking at your door,why did you open for him. You left home before I finished my exam.
I was really in a hurry to finish up and come home to you so we can talk and gist and gossip about everything. You told me you were on your way already and i bid you farewell and i told you to be safe and i told you i love you and you told me back. I was home alone when i heard you had malaria,i called you,i talked to you,i prayed for you, i said I’ll call you back. My other sister Oyeyode Abimbola Inioluwa called me and told me to get dressed that we are going to kano because you were sick and you were transfered to general hospital where they are not attending to you and you needed someone to talk to the officials to release you so you can be taken care of. OrijoReporter.com, Ifedolapo Oladapo dies  in NYSC cAMPThey said you were lying because you wanted to avoid parade. We left home very late at night all the way to kano state so we could just be with you and make you steady so we can come home together. My sister begged and begged the doctor on duty to refer you to teaching hospital,but they kept saying you’re for the federal government so they’ll have to watch you first before you were refered. They gave you an unknown injection which immediately your body reacted to, they begged for you to be taken to the teaching hospital, the doctors turned off your phone and sent your friends out. You should have held on for us to get there maybe it would have been better. We never had the agreement that you’d leave so early ifedolapo,we grew up together, ate together, fought,played,i would wear your clothes and It won’t fit you still wouldn’t be angry, i would come home from school and on seeing you,i would hug you and carry you up like a child because you were so light and handy. I would come into the room and whack a pillow on your head and you’ll chase me and beat me. Mum will talk or say something funny and you would look at me and we’ll both laugh out at mum. You would makeup for me and I’ll laugh at it and mock you. You would clean my ears for me,you would wash my hair for me,you would clean my nails for me, you would clean our room always and arrange our clothes,i would sleep all day and you will be the one to do the house chores. I would mock you and say your clothes can fit my sister’s five year old daughter and you’ll laugh and abuse me. We would watch film together from the beginning to the end. We would plat cooking fever together, we would go out to shop together, we looked so much alike people mistake us for each other. When we were told you gave up,i cried and prayed to God it wasn’t you not until we got to the morgue and saw your lifeless body still wearing your white top and short. We shouted and shouted for you to stand up and let’s start going home but you didn’t even move an inch. Who will replace you in my life? Who will take your place in our lives. You are so precious i would do anything for you to wake up. I still didn’t believe it until NYSC brought your dead body down home. We didn’t even get to see your body in the khaki and you were buried in it. Ifedolapo,Amoke mi, NYSC killed you with their negligence and stupid student doctor that knows nothing who gave you the injection, saw how your body reacted to it and turned off your phones. May the wrath of God be upon such people and may they have unending sadness in their lives..forever. Amoke mi,i love you and you’ll forever live on in our hearts. If you want to come back,i would love you to come back as my daughter too. I love you,i love you. The bed feels empty without you. Life feels worthless without you. May God forgive you of all your shortcomings and continue resting in the bosom of the Almighty till we’ll meet to part no more. Adieu ifedolapo Amoke.

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