Prophet Timothy Ibe, founder and General Overseer of Resurrection Power Ministry, Sabo in Yaba, Lagos is famous for inaccurate predictions–including the one he made about the Super Eagles of Nigeria in 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Then, he predicted that the Super Eagles would get to the semi final of the football fiesta. As it turned out, the Eagles did not go past the group stage.

The self-acclaimed man-of-God also predicted in early 2007 that out-going President Olusegun Obasanjo would not hand over to the President-elect, Alhaji Umaru Yar’Adua on May 29.

His word:“”Permit me to repeat that Obasanjo will not hand over to the President-elect, Umaru Yar’Adua, as the angels who were sent into Nigeria in June 2006 are still very much around.”

Orijoreporter gathered that Prophet Ibe’s wife, Mrs. Caroline Ibe (nee Egwuo) died of breast cancer over two years ago in Lagos. After her demise, her husband told his in-laws that she would resurrect in two weeks’ time.

However, two years into the mother-of-four’s death, her body is still lying in the morgue. The burial arrangements didn’t come off because the wife’s family insisted on Prophet Ibe marrying their late daughter properly according to their tradition.

The pastor claimed that his in-laws were asking him to pay N500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) before he will be allowed to bury his late wife.PASTOR IBE 2

One of the brothers of the deceased, Mr Rufus Egwuo, however, described the claims of Prophet Ibe as false, pointing out that no family member asked him to pay N500,000 before burying his wife.

“Timothy made false claims. Nobody asked him to pay N500,000 before burying his wife. He is only trying to cover up his mistakes and misbehaviours against our family. Is it not a shameful thing that someone who claims to be a man of God is making a caricature of himself by abandoning his wife in the mortuary for over two years?

“The truth about the matter is that he refused to marry our sister according to our tradition. We told him what to do, so he brought N10,000 only, but we refused to accept that and told him that he could not marry our sister with such little amount of money.

“In the process, one of the family members collected the money from him with the hope that he would fulfil the marriage rite later. He left and since that time, he refused to do anything. So, when our sister died, we decided that he will complete the marriage rite and everything amounted to N200,000. Thereafter, he left, promising to get back to us. But we did not see or hear from him. Meanwhile, he told us that our sister will rise after two weeks of her death. After sometime, we approached him and he kept on giving one excuse or the other until the thing got to this stage.

“We have met him severally on the issue but he felt less concerned. Now, the mortuary bill has gone beyond N2 million. When we met him recently, he told us that he would sell his landed property in Lagos to bury our sister, only for us to find out that he is not the owner of the property. As we speak, he wrote our family that he will bury his wife before end of this year. So, we are waiting.”

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