The long arm of the law has finally caught up with Abiodun Nasiru, who fled Ibadan, the Oyo State Capital after he allegedly killed a six-year-old girl, Oladayo Yetunde Glory for ritual as he was arrested in faraway Sokoto State.

The decapitated body of six-year-old Glory was found in Nasiru’s room at Isale Awero area of Moniya, Ibadan, on March 14, two days after she was declared missing by her aunt, Mrs. Mary Olaniyi who she lives with. Her head had been cut off, her stomach ripped open, and her entrails packed in a bucket within the room.

By the time the police forcefully gained entry into Nasiru’s room, they found the body tied in a wrapper while the entrails were kept in a bucket.

Detectives from Oyo State Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Iyaganku, Ibadan had been on the trail of the runaway suspect, seeking information on his whereabouts.

Their efforts yielded fruits when they received news from Sokoto State Police Command that he had been nabbed. The homicide team left for Sokoto and came back to Ibadan on Tuesday, April 15.

Giving different versions of the murder incident to newsmen, the suspect initially said two Igbo friends brought Glory’s remains to his house. However, he later owned up and admitted killing her for money ritual. Below is his confession:

“I was born in 1984 in Niger Republic but my father is an indigene of Ibadan, Oyo State while my mother is from Oyo town. From there, I went to Sokoto State where I learnt fashion designing. I also learnt poultry work in Jos, Plateau State. I am the fifth of the eight children my mother had for my father. I am married with four kids.

“I came down south when my father became ill but later I went back to Sokoto. I got separated briefly from my wife so she went to rent a room at Moniya area. She was pregnant then. She called me some months ago to say that she had delivered a baby so that I could come for the naming ceremony.

“Two Igbo boys known as Chinedu and Chinyere brought the girl’s body to my room.

“I met the two men in a shop where I went to buy recharge cards. We started discussing and they asked me to pray for them. I know a little bit of Quran and I used to pray for people.

“One day, they came to me with a bucket in their hands, which they asked me to keep for them.

“I did not check it that day but the following day, I started perceiving an odour and when I check the content of the bucket, I discovered that it was human parts. I became afraid so I ran away from home to Lagos State. From Lagos I went to Abuja and later moved to Sokoto State where I was arrested.”

When asked what the human parts were meant for, the suspect said the Igbo men told him that they wanted to do money ritual. He denied killing Glory, saying that the killing was done by the two unknown men.

Abiodun later confessed that one Baba Awo came to tell him that he should run away as police were already in the community. When asked about his relationship with Baba Awo, Nasiru said he went to charge his phone in the man’s house when he told him that he would need to go traditional before he could make it. “He touched me with a short stick that day and he said he uses the stick on his family members.

“He promised to help me to do ritual. Baba Awo was the one who asked me to look for a human being. When we got the child, I called Baba to inform him. His son called Wasiu a.k.a Awo was also part of the plan. He was the one who went to pick the girl in school. He killed the girl at the back of his father’s house and brought the remains to my house.

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“He was the one who cut the head and remove the entrails in my room. Afterwards, he cleaned the room and left . Baba Awo was the one who advised me that I should run away because policemen had been drafted to the community. He came to my room with a clenched fist and blew something towards me,” Nasiru told newsmen.

Abiodun also denied attempting to kill his mother as alleged by his brother.

According to him, “I went to greet my mother and to appeal to her after I was told by a spiritualist whom my father took me to that my mother was behind my ordeal in life. I bought some things for her and gave her money.

“I went a second time and she was not happy that I did not bring her money. She said she would not allow me to sleep in the room with her and my two step-siblings. I slept in the passage of the house and later left. I never did anything to my mother.”


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