Police at Red House Station in Lagos State are investigating claim that Ayokunle Ojo, an Assistant Manager and auditor with the Bank of Industry BOI, Marina, Lagos who was shot dead in the head in Iju-Ishaga in Lagos last Wednesday by suspected gunmen died in the line of duty.

Police investigation revealed that Ayokunle was murdered three days after he returned from an auditing job in Badagry branch of BOI.

During his three-day audit visit, it was gathered that he discovered fraud in the bank’s account, a discovery that the deceased brought to the notice of the management of BOI, which prompted the management to invite the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC and the arrest of the culprit.

Sources told orijoreporter that the security operatives thought the event in BOI Badagry branch may hold some vital clues to the identity of the killer.

It would be recalled that Ayokunle who was 40 years old was shot to death near his house at around 5.30 am while waiting for the bus that would take him to the office. His assailants surfaced from nowhere and snuffed life out of the promising man who was only promoted to his recent position, two months ago.

A commercial motorcyclist who claimed to have witnessed the gruesome murder of the BOI auditor spoke on condition of anonymity, saying: “At about 5:45am that Wednesday, I was already up for business. I parked here at this junction (pointing to the spot) when the man walked down from his house and stood waiting for a bike. Then, all of a sudden, some men dressed in black suit approached him and exchanged greetings as if they knew him.

“We later noticed there was an argument between him and the men. They were close so we could hear what they argued about. The men had demanded for his bag and laptop but he refused, telling them he was not with his lap top. He asked them why they were demanding for his things but they could not give him a reason. At that point, one of them pointed a gun at him and told him that whether he released the bag to them or not, they would kill him. Then one of them shouted ‘call Mopol’.

“At this point, some of them started walking towards that area (points towards the direction of late  Ayomikun’s ‘s house). Another person started making a call on his phone and immediately, a man came out from nowhere and started shooting into the air, causing all of us to flee from the scene.

“He shot the banker at the back of his head, and he fell, while the colleagues took the banker’s bag and mobile phone. It was after they left that we summoned courage to return to the scene. With the aid of a touch light, one of us summoned courage and turned him up because he laid faced down. Then, someone from the crowd shouted, ‘ah, it is Ayo!’ at that point, others who ran for cover started coming out.”


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  1. This world is full of wicked souls. To kill bcos u want to cover up a
    fraud is sheer wickedness. They shud rot in jail.


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