Maternity pants that ensure a woman’s ‘intimate parts’ are covered up during CHILDBIRTH go on sale


A Malaysian clothing company has created maternity pants(pictured) which conceal a women’s ‘intimate parts’ during childbirth.

The garment is produced by online store MamaPride which claims some women in the Muslim-majority country ‘do not agree’ with male doctors delivering their baby, Daily Mail reports.

It says the product, which ‘preserves the dignity of females’ by covering the thighs, ankles and knees during labour, is the first of its kind in the world.

MamaPride sells the trousers on its Facebook page and website for around £20 each(about Six Thousand Three Hundred Naira). They are available in three sizes – large, extra-large and extra-extra-large.

The trousers resemble baggy tracksuit bottoms and open only at the crotch to enable delivery of the baby.

The company says most Malaysian women give birth in Sarongs and their product is designed to minimise the amount of skin on display.maternity pant2

MamaPride has written on its Facebook page that the modesty of Muslim women is often ignored during childbirth.

The post read: ‘Are we to just ignore the honour and aurat of our wives just like that? Where is the honour of Muslim women?’

‘We try to generate an alternative that did not prevent the birth process and at the same time close parts that are not needed.’

After a great deal of interest in the product, MamaPride wrote on its Facebook page: ‘The decision is totally up to a mother. We do not and never force anyone to use our product.

‘We are solution provider in the hope that this will tackle the issue of a male doctor attending delivery.

‘We always remind our customer to discuss about this garment with the doctors. We acknowledge some hospitals that dislike this idea.’

Source: Daily Mail

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