Amid the growing  clamour for change in Osun State`s political landscape, leading aspirant and a strong stakeholder of Osun State, Prince Wale Alakinde has revealed his administrative `3-point agenda` if voted into power come next year`s gubernatorial election.

According to Alakinde, “We have a `3-Point Agenda`. Firstly, we will address the socio-economic development challenges in the area of health, education, rural electrification and water.

Secondly, we will give attention to infrastructural facilities especially roads and housing while our priority will also be for the youth empowerment drive. Thirdly, we are also passionately committed to providing a constructive engagement for the Osun youths that won`t make them tools for the devil. We will partner with organizations to come with employment and empowerment opportunities.”

Concerning the Aregbesola led administration in Osun State, Alakinde stated that “I strongly feel there are still lots of issues yet to be addressed. On the whole, I feel our people are not satisfied with the present administration because they feel the present administration in Osun State have only been doing media governance. Claiming what is not. I mean what cannot be verified or confirmed. Giving the public an impression of what is not happening and this is what the present administration in Osun State has been doing since its inception over two years ago.”

Proffering solutions, Alakinde posited that “It is very simple, even the bible said `when the righteous rules, the people rejoice`. The fundamental thing is to urge the present administration to fulfill its electoral promises or leave the stage for a more masses oriented, progressive and pragmatic people to take over the affairs of the state than engaging in media governance. Infact, I don’t see this present administration taking Osun State anywhere. We need to find a way out of this scripted governance.

Continuing, Alakinde added that “the Aregbesola administration should formulate policies that guarantee better opportunities; I mean a strategic engagement of the people in all ramifications.

“For instance, the geology graduate employed to sweep the street should have been engaged to conduct a feasibility research on the deposit volume of gold in Osun State. I am not sure you are aware that Osun State boasts of the largest deposit of gold along the West African coast; contrary to the general belief that Ghana has the largest deposit. This and more value adding policies we believe the current administration in Osun State should engage in rather than deceiving us with false elephant projects.”



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