A businessman has accused his church pastor of causing disaffection between him and his wife and tearing the couple apart.

The middle aged man, Samson Adeleye (pictured) said the General Overseer of St Peter Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Apostle Samson Albert was responsible for the crash of his marriage, adding that Apostle Albert connived with his wife, Bolanle to divert money meant for their family business.

“Sometime in the year 2000, I was having some challenges and my friend introduced me to the church. I felt that this was the place where I can get the key to my salvation, so I decided to ensure that every member of my family attends the church,” Adeleye who hails from Ilusin, Ijebu water side told Sun Newspaper.

“To the glory of God things started getting better, but along the line I realized that the Apostle started developing much interest in everything that happens in my home especially when it has to do with my wife.”

“ I discovered that whatever we discuss in the privacy of our room, would be a reference point whenever the Apostle was preaching the next day. This started causing a lot of problem at home, till the point that I forbade my wife from attending the church, but she later convinced me that she was making more money ever since we started attending this church.

” I saw reasons with her and pleaded that she should stop discussing our family matter with the Apostle. Instead of heeding to my words, she became worse. On Sundays after service, she would enter the Apostle’s private office and stay there for more than two hours. Most of the time, she would come home as late as 8pm with the excuse that she went for counseling. It got so bad that the Apostle told my children that I am a bad man and they should learn to love their mother more than me.”

According to him, the crisis in the home took another dimension after he had a heated argument with his wife in church. “We had a little argument and my wife refused to come home again. She came back the next day while I was away and packed her properties and left. I was devastated because I loved my wife and never imagined that we will get to a point of separation. I pleaded with her to come back, for the sake of the children but she refused. She said that I should go and beg the pastor that he is the only one that can ask her to return home.

“I sent people to help me beg the pastor but he told them that I am wicked and cannot take care of my wife. He also told my brother, that I want to sacrifice my wife for ritual purposes. I went as far as ensuring that I bring our kids who were 8 and 3 years then to church, to see if that would make her reconsider but she disowned them. Even when they were admitted in the hospital, and I called her to come and attend to the children, she warned me not to disturb her again. This matter dragged on for months till she finally took me to court seeking for a divorce. I had no choice but to grant her the wish,” Adeleye futher stated.

After the divorce papers were signed and Adeleye started counting his losses, he discovered that the family business which he hoped would be there to help him take care of the children was a wreck.

He alleged that Bolanle, his wife diverted the sum of N27million and established a joint business with the Apostle. “Those days, the Apostle will announce that he has a fish pond in Ajah and encouraged members to patronize him. It was after the divorce that I discovered that it was my money that was used for that purpose.”

Although he lost his wife and money, Adeleye’s days of trouble seems not over yet. He along the line got in touch with a member of the church, Mrs. Oyerinde who also claimed that it was Apostle that destroyed her marriage. “I assisted her to register a SIM card but unknown to me; she was using that line to abuse the pastor. This led to my arrest by policemen from the IGP Monitoring Unit at Moloney, Lagos Island. I was accused of disrupting the peace in the church and I wonder how an individual who stopped attending a church for years will disrupt peace. This particular case is still in court”

Throwing more light on why he thinks the church activities are strange, Adeleye said: “In that church they kill ram and sometimes cow every weekend. They drink beer openly, in some cases it is even the pastor that will serve members of the church. They also have a new policy that you don’t need to go to that church wearing white garment, so that it will not be strange when they drink beer openly.

“He misled our brother Dele Ajayi because he encouraged him to have more than one or two girlfriends in the same church. The wife decided to keep quiet to avoid problem, at the end it was one of those ladies that killed Dele. When he died this pastor refused to pay condolence visit to his family. A lot of people cautioned him.

“Even my in-laws have tried severally to intervene and the man said this is my meat that nobody should intervene. They are always together. I don’t want anything from them; all I am doing is to alert Nigerians to be wise,” he explained his ordeal to the paper.


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Source: Sun

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