A gunman who uploaded a rap video onto YouTube boasting about trying to murder a rival with a ‘spray and pray’ machine gun was jailed for 22 years yesterday in UK.

Kayode Oshin, 21, a Nigerian, attempted to assassinate Yassin Zouaiou with a Mac 10 in a feud over drugs and money in Hounslow, west London, after being enticed into a world of gang culture and crime’, a court heard.

Mr. Zouaiou survived when the gun jammed – but a single bullet was fired, hitting his brother Mohammed Ali Subhani in the neck.

But Oshin then posted a rap video bragging about the shooting on YouTube.

The shooting was carried out in an alleyway between North Drive and Kingsley Road, Hounslow, at around 1am on October 6, 2011, the court heard.

Oshin and another Nigerian, Junior Tahir-Akinyele, 19 (pictured below), were arrested the next day in a white Mercedes-Benz they had hired for the attack.

Jailing Oshin for 22 years and Tahir-Akinyele for 14 years, Judge Timothy Pontius said the pair had been ‘enticed into a world of gang culture and crime’.

‘Oshin you are convicted of attempted murder, your clear intention was that Yassin Zouaiou should die,’ he added.tahir

‘That intention would undoubtedly have been realised were it not for the fact that the mechanism on the gun jammed, releasing only one round.

‘It’s a matter of good fortune that he was not killed in what would have been a spray of bullets had the weapon been in good working order.

‘The Mac 10 was obtained by you with a specific murder in mind.


Junior Tahir-Akinyele was convicted of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm and jailed for 14 years

‘Tahir-Akinyele you are convicted of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

‘It was your intention to hurt Mohammed Ali Subhani very badly, an intention that was fulfilled to the extent that really serious injury was caused.

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‘You readily and willingly played your part in obtaining the Mac 10.’

The pair, both from Hounslow, are currently serving sentences for a stabbing in Isleworth in November 2011 – Oshin for ten years and Tahir-Akinyele for eight.

‘Both of you have a record for serious violence,’ Judge Pontius said.

‘I have no doubt that the public must be protected from serious harm at your hands.

‘You are both currently serving substantial sentences for the offence in November 2011.’

Oshin was jailed for 22 years for attempted murder; 16 years imprisonment for possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and 14 years for wounding with intent, all to run concurrent.

Tahir-Akinyele was sentenced to 14 years in a Young Offenders’ Institution for possession of firearms with intent to endanger life with 12 years concurrent for wounding with intent.

Detective Constable Iain Bailey, of the Trident Gang Crime Command, said: ‘These violent offenders, who were involved in a gang and drug dispute, resorted to firearms to settle their arguments.

‘They were then brazen enough to brag about their offending on the internet.

‘Thanks to the work of the Trident Gang Crime Command, with the assistance of Hounslow officers, we were able to gather the necessary evidence to bring about this conviction and prevent further offences.’

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