Nigerian Doctor who killed British patient by Giving Him Overdose Sues Author for Mentioning Incident in His Book


A disgraced Nigerian doctor who killed a British man by injecting him with a massive dose of painkillers is now suing a German author because he mentioned the incident in his book.

Daniel Ubani(pictured) killed David Gray after giving him ten times the correct amount of diamorphine at his home in Cambridgeshire while he was working a locum, Daily Mail reports.

He is already trying to sue the victim’s son for branding him a killer despite a coroner ruling the death was manslaughter.
Now he wants judges at Cologne State Court to rule against author Dr Udo Ulfkotte (pictured below), claiming that no mention should be made again of the incident or that he is Nigerian by birth.

Dr Ulfkotte, 50, who currently has a book at number three in the bestselling chart in Germany called ‘Bought Journalism’, is aghast at the lawsuit which he promises to fight ‘tooth and nail.’

He said: ‘If I was Dr Ubani, I would be ashamed to be involved in this after what he did.

‘At first, my publisher and I laughed when we got his lawyer’s letter, but he is deadly serious.

‘He thinks no mention should ever be made again of his mistake which caused a man to die.’

Ubani’s latest attempt to silence anyone who mentions the incident comes at a time when he is still involved in litigation against Dr Rory Gray, son of the man he killed, who also lives in Germany.

Ubani, who lives in the west German industrial town of Witten, went to the UK in 2008 as a locum because he wanted extra money.

He was working for an out-of-hours medical service when he gave 70-year-old Mr Gray a fatal injection in Cambridgeshire.
Ubani confused the amount of painkiller he should give renal patient Mr Gray and injected him with ten times the dosage of diamorphine he should have done.

Mr Gray died within minutes at his home in Manea, Cambridgeshire, on 16 February 2008.

Coroner William Morris later ruled his death ‘gross negligence and manslaughter’ and issued 11 recommendations to the Department of Health for the improvement of out-of-hours GP services.

An arrest warrant was issued in the UK for Ubani to be extradited to stand trial.

But he cut a dubious deal with German prosecutors that allowed him to receive a fine – by post – together with a nine-month suspended jail sentence for causing death by negligence.

His ability to work in Germany was never questioned despite the fact he was struck off by the General Medical Council (GMC) in Britain.

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He refused to attend the inquest into his victim and the medical hearings which barred him from ever working in Britain again.

The German Doctors Chamber, the equivalent of the GMC in the UK, wanted Ubani struck off.dr.udo

But they are powerless to force him to go while he still retains the support of the local authority which licenses him.
David Gray’s sons Dr Stuart Gray, who lives in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, and his brother Rory, who works as a European Space Agency scientist in Darmstadt, have been campaigning to get Ubani struck off in Germany.

Rory Gray is still battling demands from Ubani for compensation after he branded him a killer and a charlatan at a plastic surgery conference he was speaking at five years ago.

Now Dr Ulfkotte, 50, finds himself enmeshed in litigation, with Ubani seeking tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.

It stems from a passage in a book written by him called ‘Nightmare Migration’ in 2011 about the effects of immigration on societies in Europe.

‘Part of this, a very small part, was articles taken from the BBC and from British newspapers about the Ubani case,’ said Dr Ulfkotte.

‘It mentioned what he did and the death of Dr Gray. It was not racist and never intended to be.

‘It wasn’t until just recently that myself and my publisher received from Ubani’s lawyers his complaint that the book violates his human rights and that no mention should be made of his name or this incident, or indeed his race, the fact that he is barred from ever working as a doctor in the UK again or the fact that he had ever worked there.

‘It is crazy. It was a very small chapter and it was all true. I do not know how he can carry on like this considering what he did to Mr Gray.’

The hearing against him and his publisher is scheduled for May 20.

He said: ‘I am confident that common sense will prevail but you never know what will happen in a courtroom.

‘Even if he loses, I am sure he will appeal all the way to the European Court of Justice. He thinks he is a supreme medical man who should never be challenged.’

Dr Ubani has not responded to calls requesting comment.

Source: Daily Mail

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