Pampers nappies “contain traces of toxic chemicals linked to deadly forms of cancer”- study

1416, Pampers nappies

A French study has claimed that popular brand of disposable nappies, Pampers, were found to contain low levels of carcinogenics that can cause skin, lung, bladder liver and stomach cancer.

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The report by France’s ASEF health association said the potentially harmful compounds are found in the chemical petrolatum, used in nappies to protect and moisturise a baby’s skin and prevent irritation.

However, it noted that only extremely low levels of the compounds were found in the nappies – well below the 0.2 mg/kg legally allowed within the EU.

ASEF president Ludivine Ferrer was quoted as saying, ‘These cancerous compounds found in the nappies and are in contact with the most intimate parts of our children for 23 and a half hours a day.

‘While it’s legal to have tiny traces, this is just too much from a moral perspective.

‘There may be long-term risks for children who wear the nappies. If the effects were immediate, the producers would have changed their manufacturing methods a long time ago.’

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