Founder of Household of God Church, Pastor Chris Okotie is currently under fire after he insinuated that President Goodluck Jonathan is a cultist.

Pastor Okotie on Friday on his facebook account said that President Jonathan’s declaration for the 2015 presidential election on November 11, 2014 has occult significance.

He said, “The implication of Dr. Jonathan’s declaration on that day (11-11-2014) has occult significance. When the number is repeated, it takes a greater ritualistic intensity.

“In this case, we have 11-11-11, because when you add the date 11-11-2014 as a year together, you arrive at 11 also. This is in consonance with occult numerology.

“In the pre-natural world, the number 11 is a powerful occult number, it represents judgment, destruction and death of man. Each digit in the 11-11-2014 date, when added together, viz: 1+1+1+1+2+0+1+4, you get 11. That’s why the declaration was done on 11/11/2014, which is the highest level of occult numerology.

“This sacred number in the occult world demonstrates an appeasement of the powers of darkness to favour the supplicant.

The name of Satan in Latin is LVX. L is 50, V is 5 and X is 10. When you add that together, you get 65. When you add 6 + 5, you get 11. Satan’s number is 11.”

However, his statement was greeted with flurry of criticism on his facebook account as many reacted angrily.

One person who wrote under the name Chrisbrezy Chudy said, “I don’t even regard you as a man of God because am sure you are not. You are 56yrs old, 5 + 6 = 11. Your name is c h r i s o k o t i e = 11. So stop deceiving people in the name of God before God strike you with fire. Man of God with three different Marriages in few yrs.”

“You are so Ignorant. You have solution to everything under the sun,” another person who wrote under the name Murphy Orji fired.

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