The Enugu Mayhem, Who is in Charge? By Patrick Uwaezuoke Mba

466, Patrick Uwaezuoke Mba

Enugu state, is once again on the news, albeit for a very wrong reason, as the mortal duel between the security agents & members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), at Emene, a suburb on the outskirt of the coal city, on 23rd day of August, 2020, is a sad reminder of the porosity and the ineffectual security template, in place, despite the effort of the government of the day.

What is most disturbing, is the unfortunate death toll of citizens and the abrupt stoppage of commercial and social activities, inherent in such a debacle.

An effective intelligence gathering, would have nipped such occurrence, in the bud.

Just a fortnight ago, was the inexplicable and movie-like  incident of one Mr. Ejemuju, daring the leadership of Enugu state, by  his unilaterally and confrontational demolishing of asset of the government (fence), at Akanu Ibiamu International airport, which has been under  renovation for some time now, with its inherent  and attendant challenges, that adversely spills on movement of persons and goods, south east of Nigeria.

He operated, as if there is no government in place in Enugu State, or as if we’re in a state of administrative comatose.  What an affront?, He operated this illegality for hours without any intervention by the government agencies, to stop his madness and impunity.

The salient and pertinent question, agitating the minds of discerning persons, especially, Ndi Enugu, at this point, is, who are the people fanning the ember of discord, capable of straining the prevailing peaceful atmosphere, in the coal city?, the peaceful disposition of our amiable governor and the hospitality disposition of Ndi Enugu, should not be misconstrued as ineptitude.

The authorities in Enugu state, should wake up to their constitutional responsibilities. Today, it’s Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB )versus the security agencies, a fortnight ago was Arch. Ejemuju versus the government,  prior to that was the Fulani hackings and other sundry banditries, next week, what else?.

“A stitch in time” they say “saves nine.”

I hope, Enugu state is still in God’s hands?

Ozo (Engr.) Patrick Uwaezuoke Mba is a Social commentator

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