Photo suggests new British PM is a cultist

1400, British PM

A photo of British prime minister Theresa May has suggested she is a member of secret EU Illuminati society.

Mrs. May used the hand signal, which is listed on the illuminati hand signs conspiracy theory website,
illuminatiRex, and described as a ‘Merkel-Raute ‘ on July 11 when speaking at Westminster before her elevation to 10 Downing Street.


The hand signal German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker frequently use may have dragged Mrs. May into controversy after she was captured using the ‘Merkel-Raute’ signal, Daily Mail reported.

Users of the ‘Merkel-Raute’, as it has become known due to the German’s frequent use, have also included other European historical figures including Pope John Paul II and Adolf Hitler.

‘The pyramid is an important Illuminati symbol showing their few ruling the many on the bottom type power structure,’ the illuminatiRex website states.

‘The symbol becomes more powerful when the sign is done over an eye, representing the All-Seeing eye in a capstone floating over an unfinished pyramid.’

‘The pyramid sign is seen by many researchers to be THE sign of the Illuminati.’

Many influential intellectuals and progressive politicians are members of illuminati, various organisations which are purported to have links to secret societies that are alleged to conspire to control world affairs, by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporation in order to gain political power, and influence and to establish a new world order.

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