The hooker who bedded Wayne Rooney has penned an explosive book about the seedy underworld of English football.

Vice girl Jenny Thompson(pictured above) details her life as a call girl for some of the Premier League’s best-known footballers, and devotes an entire chapter to excruciating details of her fling with the Manchester United star.

It will heap fresh misery on Rooney’s wife, Coleen and force her to relive the heartache from 2010 all over again.

A source involved with the publication said the book exposed “the seediest side of footballer’s lives”, adding: “There’s a lot in there which will have several big name stars worried.

“And the chapter about Wayne Rooney leaves no stone unturned – every single gritty detail is included, which would make very uncomfortable reading for Coleen and her family.

“It’s got all the details about how she and Wayne had sex along with another hooker, and might include details Coleen knew nothing about before.

“It’s going to be heartbreaking for her.”

In September 2010 when Wayne’s infidelity was exposed, Jenny said: “Wayne chased me with sex texts and paid in wads of cash.

“He didn’t seem to care he was betraying Coleen. Wayne certainly enjoyed all our meetings and didn’t seem to care what he was doing to his wife.

“I think he believes he’s invincible and untouchable. As a woman, I wouldn’t like that done to me – especially if I was pregnant.”

Her book includes staggering claims about a string of other high-profile Premier League stars, some of whom may be easily identified from their descriptions.

In one anecdote, she describes hiding in a spare bedroom after one superstar’s wife arrived home unexpectedly during an encounter.

The source added: “Jenny’s not proud of her past, but feels as though she has carried a lot of the embarrassment and had her name dragged through the mud, when a lot of the footballers themselves have walked away unblemished.

“She wants to blow open the truth about how some footballers really behave off the pitch, and it’s not pretty.

“A lot of the fans will be staggered by the things they get up to.”

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Jenny also includes incredible details of footballers booking girls for shocking sex parties which even saw top stars experimenting with gay sex between themselves.

The book is said to be “almost complete”, and two major publishing companies are competing over the rights to distribute it.
“There is a lot of interest in the book,” the source adds. “She is well known for being an escort but she’s determined to expose some of those who she feels have treated her very badly.

“She has referenced pretty much every star she’s ever slept with.

“There are going to be a lot of footballers who will be worried about being mentioned.”

The book is expected to hit shelves towards the end of this year.

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  1. @joshade:disqus stop being naive. she stands to gain a lot by publishes that book. she’s a prostitute and soon to become a celebrity prostitute. it means popularity and more patronage which translates to more money.

  2. i hope this wont open healed wounds in the rooney family cos colleen has very supportive of her husband. this woman is just looking to gain cheap popularity.


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