Scandal! Staffers contribute to rehabilitate NFF secretariat

1433, Staffers contribute to rehabilitate NFF secretariat

It is ironic but true that the bankrupt Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is one house with three categories of staffers. The first class called the privileged bourgeoisie, second class citizens who are rejected because they do not belong and the favoured. One class of these staffers contributed to rehabilitate the secretariat.

OrijoReporters sources disclosed that the class a staff belongs is best appreciated by the floor where your office is located inside the secretariat. sanusi

Since the appointment of Dr. Muhammed Sanusi as General Secretary all the postings within the secretariat does not follow seniority, knowledge base, capability or ability to deliver.

Sanusi himself a beneficiary of a warped system was appointed General Secretary over and above his senior in the organization. Upon his appointment, he has also appointed his own clique to choice positions without regard to seniority, knowledge base, capability or ability to deliver. This has been the bane of the organization as so many things have gone awry.

Beneficiaries of Sanusi’s official largess occupy the first floor of the Glass House. They were the ones who contributed money to wholesomely rehabilitate the entire floor which wears a distinct look.

When OrijoReporter visited the secretariat, we were made to understand that the people in the ground floor are the second class citizens. It is so bad that there is no light on that floor whereas the first floor which competes with a banking hall in sophistication is glittering.

For instance, it is an open secret that a lady he was allegedly dating was made head of department without any values or her capability to deliver.

When an Abuja-based online newspaper exposed the unjustified appointments, he got angry and provided the sponsorship for the lady to sue the newspaper editor for libel. Funny enough, the suit was secretly filed without serving the sued editor.
In addition, we gathered the libel matter did not involve the media organization that published the alleged libel report.

Sanusi, who is in the centre of an international ring of match fixing agency was recommended by the world football governing body, FIFA to be suspended while he was to be investigated.

FIFA had demanded to be a part of the investigation. Days later, FIFA headquarters in Zurich were shocked to find out that the same man had been appointed as the Nigeria FA scribe.

OrijoReporter has prepared a petition to be sent to the Ethics committee of FIFA demanding the report of the directive on the 2010 World Cup match fixing scandal. Another petition has been written to Nigeria Police to investigate the criminal aspect of the match fixing scandal.

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