We can report with authority that the relationship on one hand between the sports minister, Dr Tammy Danagogo and his Director General, Hon Gbenga Elegbeleye is of the cat and mouse.

On the other hand, the directors in the NSC and the DG are in a war of attrition.

Arising from these is the unspent fund from the African Youth Games in Gaborone, Botswana. The Federal Government released N1.2billion. From the available documentary records available to orijoreporter about N600m was unspent.

A meeting was held where a sharing formula was agreed between the parties. Whether the minister got his own share remains to be cleared.

Elegbeleye was alleged to have taken his while that meant for the Director Finance and Administration (DFA) was not completely delivered as agreed where the sharing was discussed.

An angry DFA got to know and had to confront the DG where threats were alleged to have been issued.

National Sports Festival in Calabar: The methodology of the organisation of another money spinner, the National Sports Festival had been another fact that was reported by those who know had caused friction between the DG and the minister to the extent that the minister ordered the DG to be administratively queried.

The allegations are that the DG had been carrying on since his appointment as a unit excluding all the directors and until the coming of the minister, his office. This got to a hilt and the minister was forced to revert to asserting his office.

It was this that led to the issue of the jersey of multi-colours that the nation was dressed at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow leading to Nigeria getting queried by the organisers of the multi-nations event.

Commonwealth Games: In a bid to ensure that the office of the DG has a firm control of activities, it removed the organisation of the Games from the Federations and Elite Athletes Department (FEAD) headed by Dr Bolaji Ojo-Oba and replaced with a committee headed by the imported American director of High Performance centre, Angie Taylor.

Reports reaching orijoreporter showed that, immediate past sports minister, Bolaji Abdullahi, who brought Taylor is still counting on his folks in-house to get relevant thus, the elimination of the directors and replacement with a committee to manage the organisation of the Games.

With brewing discontent, the directors came together, had a meeting and decided to visit the DG. Once with the DG, he was alleged to have feigned a call from the State House and excused himself out of having the meeting having gotten a whiff of the issue.

Our investigation also revealed that the allocation meant for the off-shore training of the athletes that are to represent the nation in the July Commonwealth Games were stylishly cancelled.

Rather, the DG is alleged to have singlehandedly organised the pre-event which landed the nation so much scandals but were underplayed by the media.
Danagogo’s foreign trip scandals: How on earth will a minister of the Federal Republic go and sit in Glasgow for 15 solid, long days and as soon as he is landing he is leaving on Tuesday to Marrakesh in Morocco. Less than 10 days, he will go to China for the World Youth Olympics.
Is the man Foreign Affairs minister or Sports minister? He has travelled more than any other minister appointed in this cabinet yet he got into office in March 2015.

Less than 10 days when he was appointed, he flew out of Nigeria to go and cheer some teenage girls.

Gain Control Over Your School

He has 40 sports to oversee but he is busy flying round football and now the corruption-ridden Athletics, is where he wants to collect estacode.

Rather than face the raging fire burning his house in football, the man left one of his aides identified as Justice, to help him do his job and cause more confusion using the SSS as instrument of oppression to harass Mike Umeh last week.

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