Scan 2Segun Ojuokanla’s earliest memories (picture above) are of suffering and want.  However, his sufferings eased when he met the Chairman of New Century Industries Nigeria Limited, a beverage manufacturing company and maker of daily food custard powder, High Chief Alex Nkiaka, a former Customs Service top ranking officer.

The latter, one of the first generation of Nigerians to go into custard making and around 70 years old feels sexual desire for both genders. Married with four children, two in UK and the other two in Nigeria, Chief Nkiaka lives with his wife at his palatial residence at off Commercial Avenue, opposite Niger Palace Hotel in Ebute-Metta Area of Lagos State.

Sources told orijoreporter that the Ibuso High Chief who hails from Delta State did not only have eyes for his wife but was into several sexual relationships, even with people of his gender. Among those who failed to resist the lure of money, and allegedly indulged in the illicit practice with him at one time or another under cover are one Taoreed, Segun Ojuokanla and one Celestial Church Pastor simply named Pastor Tunde.

Of all his affairs with guys, Segun who is quite hunky and Chief enjoyed a string of dates though it was the most turbulent. A relationship that started about 15 years ago, they slept and slept with each other to the point that Baba as Chief is called had his anus torn and has to form the habit of wearing diaper so as to keep faeces in check. The diaper, which Baba wears regularly, made him to possess the carriage of a woman even till date.

For his efforts, Baba put Segun on a weekly salary of N100 thousand. It was from the money that Segun whose mother at a time worked in Baba’s company and was his woman friend rented an apartment at Idimu in Alimosho and moved out of Ebute-Metta. He also impregnated a girlfriend and got a baby girl from the affair.

However, gambling and womanizing, two pastimes Segun is into are a huge drain on his resources, so he is always broke and would contrive a plan to defraud Baba.

December 28, 2011, Segun’s phony father through his lawyer wrote Baba a letter (a copy, which was given to orijoreporter) where it was alleged that Segun during the Christmas Service in the family church confessed that Baba on many occasions sexually abused him and used money to entice him.

The letter also reads “We are equally informed that you make him take several fetish materials and oath to keep the secret of the illegal and God forbidding act.

“Please note that if within 7 days from the date of this letter if you fail and neglect to guarantee the safety of our client’s child by way of written undertaking, we shall lodge a formal complaint against you at the Human Right Commission, Nigeria Police and the National Assembly.”

A trickery letter meant to get money from Baba, it worked wonders for Segun as the former gave him a million naira, which he hid from his lawyer.

But that was not the end of the matter. Having expended the loot on gambling and women, Segun, a gay gigolo got broke few months later, and came up with another plan to extort money from his lover. This time he arranged his own arrest by police at Zone 2 at Tafawa Balewa Square where he was arrested for homosexuality related offences, and implicated Chief Nkiaka in his statement. The I.P.O of the case was one Inspector Wale.

Sources said Baba was picked up by the police at his office at Iwaya and was taken to the station for questioning where he was detained for two hours before he was released on bail.

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  1. Now! Do people believe the world is not ours? Do people know it no longer belong to the Lord? Man sodomising man! We need to move closer to Jesus. As xtians we are aliens in this world.

  2. Being gay is nothing to raise eyebrow abt or start quoting biblical injunctions on. It is a sexual orientation that is developed wen the person is even still young.


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