Nigerian citizens hit by Trump’s visa ban

1348, Trump's visa ban

It has emerged that Nigerian citizens are affected by US President Donald Trump’s immigration ban.

Prior to Friday when Trump signed an executive order Nigerians enjoy  visas to the US with two-year validity.

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However, Section 9 of the Executive Order has made US Consulate issuing two visa to Nigerians a thing of the past.

The section states: “The Secretary of State shall review all non-immigrant visa reciprocity agreements to ensure that they are, with respect to each visa classification, truly reciprocal insofar as practicable with respect to validity period and fees, as required by sections 221(c) and 281 of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1201(c) and 1351, and other treatment.

“If a country does not treat United States nationals seeking non-immigrant visas in a reciprocal manner, the Secretary of State shall adjust the visa validity period, fee schedule, or other treatment to match the treatment of United States nationals by the foreign country, to the extent practicable.”

The implication of the Section is that since presently US citizens seeking Nigeria visa are issued one year visa and there is a  non-reciprocation of the two-year visa US issues to Nigerians,  US has stopped issuing Nigerians visa with two years validity.

Following the development many Nigerians have called on the federal government to review its visa policy with the US so as to reciprocate the latter’s action before Trump’s order.

Trump’s immigration restrictive policy covers Syrian refugees who are banned from entering the US. The country’s nationals are also declared persona non grata in the US for the next 120 days.

It also affected nationals of Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia, who are banned from entering the US for the next 90 days.


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