Unilorin lecturer faces sexual misconduct probe

OrijoReporter.com, Unilorin lecturer faces sexual misconduct probe

A University of Ilorin lecturer, and Head of Department of English, Dr. Mohammed Idiagbon, is under investigation by the university authority after a female student accused him of intimidation and making love advances to her.

The student whose identity is wrapped in secrecy so as to protect her was said to have recorded Dr. Idiagbon’s voice on her mobile phone, wooing and threatening her in his office, and reported the matter to the authorities.

Consequently, and having weighed the evidence before them, the authorities removed Dr. Idiagbon as HOD, and set up a panel to look into the allegation.

But Dr. Idiagbon didn’t appear before the panel. Rather, he resigned his appointment.
The issue has caused controversy on social media on the lecturer’s facebook handle, Mohammed Sani Idiagbon, as contributors exchanged hot words.

Below are some of the posts:

Abidat Adamson Bamisedun: He has served for years, diligently, with award plagues waiting for him on his table simply because he deserves every adjective on those plagues! so many students passed through him, male, female.. I did too. Your lessons and morals led many of us greatly! Without a doubt or a second thought, he is one lecturer every student runs to in times of difficulty for he is kind and large hearted. It is only in his office you’ll find large amount of students for no serious reasons but his wits and funny gestures. His classes are fabulous, superb unique.. He made us understand his course with “play” and ease, no hard times in class so students hardly miss! He is not perfect but then he is close to. He has always been a father, more than a lecturer and he forever will! Prof. Mohammed Sani Idiagbon will forever be respected, cherished, appreciated and honored in the English dept., Unilorin! Yes you resigned but then the “you” in you rainbows still. You will be vindicated! Yes you will. This too shall pass! -“Syntax” is the mother of English Language. You will forever be my best lecturer! You are Syntax! You are You.

Olusesi Tiwalade Abidoye: Hmmm. Y not stop using panadol over someone else’s headache. Its Ramadan remember.

Abidat Adamson Bamisedun Fisolami Lawal: are you the girl who did the recording? Were you the one sent? If yes then i wont take my words back #fathercanbag Mohammed Sani Idiagbon’s success! If you are not! Cut this media craze if not! Dont understimate.

Abidat Adamson Bamisedun Olusesi Tiwalade Abidoye: were wo le leyi? Ehya.. Awe ti ba’we n le! Oh you want fame? Well there is jail!

Joyce Emuwa Ekeh: Kai Kai ejo talo soro bi were???
Ramadan??? Why r pple hypocrites like dis????? dis is d main problem bout peace we ve in Nigeria!

Wait o Abidat Adamson Bamisedun she/he mite b saying sumfin wise abi???? olusesi tiwalade abidoye wats ur point exactly pls?????

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