After the video showing Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke, in a deliverance session at the Synagogue Church of all Nations went viral, several people have been reacting to the incident. While some thought it was a movie, others thought it was a mere publicity stunt by the church.

Ace filmmaker, Charles Novia, reacted to the deliverance session thus: ‘Jim has my best wishes. Good actor, he is. So, Jim Iyke got ‘delivered’ of an evil demon in a popular church recently? Mmn. Chai! Strange things happen. We go through a mid-life crisis one time or the other.”

Reacting to the comments Jim who was saw it as vitriolic invective and was angry said he was unperturbed.Jim-Iyle-Deliverance 3

According to him “Genuine God discovery helps. For those sending me hateful tweets over this deliverance issue, you know the way to the church for yours.

“I’m unfazed.”

Jim Iyke, however, did not feel comfortable that it went on the cameras and tweeted ‘I’m not insulting anyone. I just feel that ‘deliverance’ issues are personal, not with cameras and klieg lights. These Nollywood stars and the rush for ‘deliverance’. Dem need am sef. God save us producers from some of the demons we cast.

‘All I can say is that ‘whatever floats your boat, brother’. Better send those poor women you have dated to same church for same.’

However, Jim Iyke, who was more concerned about his salvation than what people had to say, explained his reason for going to the Synagogue. “It’s beautiful, that’s the least I can say. Nothing else truly matters; absolutely nothing. God liveth, whether you are a believer or not. Met more miserable billionaires than unhappy income earners. Success is relative. I want it wholesome. It is either you are bond or free’, he twitted.

“Ninety nine per cent celebs walk daily on wet pillows with fat assets, behind Versace shades, Christ made me part of the one per cent and it is disturbing to certain people.

And to people who accused him of being involved in witchcraft, the actor said: ”Lol, witchcraft, it’s imperative I underscore that people are oblivious to what transpired. Ignorance is no excuse. Tailor your opinion to who you know.” He tweeted.

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