An ex-member of Grail Message has said that he and others who recently left the spiritual movement have no plan to factionalize it.

OrijoReporter had on November 14, 2015, published that there was crisis in Grail Message after a former member and Head of Administration, Emmanuel Ibe, who three years back was awareded the Long Serving Award, and during the conferment, was given a brand new Kia SUV, picked holes in the movement’s spiritual book, In the Light of Truth, and was fond of engaging the leadership in argument bordering on the authenticity of the story in the book to the point that he was ejected from the flat he, and his family occupied at Grailland, the movement’s estate at Iju-Ishaga, a Lagos suburb.

It was also said in the report that Ibe was not without converts and had perfected strategies to come up with another faction of Grail Message in Nigeria.

But Ibe’s friend and an ex-member of the spiritual movement, who simply identified himself as Philemon Is-Rephel, has denied suggestion that they are working on factionalizing Grail Message.

Rather, in an e-mail message sent to OrijoReporter, Philemon said their position is that Grail Message is built on false premises and should be disbanded.

He said: The editor did not investigate well before reporting unfortunately. The issue in contest is that we now found out that the Edition of the ‘Last Hand’ of the Message in circulation worldwide by the ‘movement’ is the truncation of the 1931 Grand Original Edition.

“And that there are evidences that the Author did not restructure the Work as has been the claim of the ‘movement’ for 70 years plus now. He passed away 1941, leaving to mankind the 1931 Great Edition of his Work, while the ‘Edition of the Last Hand’ of the ‘movement’ appeared between 1949 and the 50s, so it would not have been done by the Author who was already far from the Earth. Lastly, the man referred(Emmanuel Ibe) to in the publication is in no way thinking about any faction, he wish the ‘movement’ be disbanded so that individuals trapped in it may be free to pursue their spiritual goals as individuals as is the wish of Abdruschin, who did not encourage any ‘movement’ nor started one.”

“Emmanuel Ibe is one of my good friends with strong conviction in The Grail Message, who has also found out the fraud in the ‘movement’ which was never intended by the Author of the Message.”

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