A wife has been accused of killing her husband and father of her child( pictured right) in Lagos State but claimed it was suicide.

The deceased, Seun Olafare(pictured dancing with the wife, Busayo) graduated from University of Lagos in 2006 where he read pharmacy.

OrijoReporter gathered that he got married February 19, 2011 to Busayo Taiwo, and the marriage was blessed with three children. However, on Sunday, April 12, 2015, Seun’s death, which occurred in the morning in controversial circumstance has polarized his family and that of his in-laws.paul5

Busayo who is currently facing interrogation at SCID Panti having been accused by her in-laws of killing Seun claimed her husband killed himself due to depression caused by severe debt.

But the deceased’s younger sister, Tope Olafare faulted Busayo’s claim.

She said the 2013 Lagos Pharmacist of the Year Winner was killed by his wife.

“We were informed of Paul’s death in the afternoon of Sunday, 12th April 2015. On getting to his residence, we were told that his corpse had been deposited at the morgue. That caught us all by surprise and we questioned how he died and how quickly his body was taken to the morgue before his siblings arrived.

“A neighbour told us it was around 11.00 am. Setting out for Yaba Military Hospital where his corpse was taken to, we saw his lifeless body in a car outside the hospital. Questions were asked about what happened and we were told he gulped down unadulterated insecticide.

“Knowing the kind of brother I had, questions kept popping up – how did that happen? Where was his wife when it happened? Why must he be brought to the morgue before we were told? We were told that his body was brought from the hospital.

“One of his church members screamed and said “Bro. Paul called me this morning he was about leaving his house for church and he must not get to church before me.”

“Those who took the corpse to the morgue continued, “But we need you to sign these documents so his corpse would be attended to.” So I signed.paul

“We went back to our dad to console him. He echoed my sentiments; he said something was amiss and that the Paul he knew would never commit suicide by drinking unadulterated insecticide? A huge lie it is! Well, no one bought the story.

“We decided to go back to Paul’s house to ask his neighbours what actually happened. On getting there however, we met Busayo, Paul’s wife, in the company of some other people. She had started packing her things and may have left if not for the refusal of neighbours and people around. Imagine.

“It was at that point that I saw sense in the insistence of my dad’s friend that we went to Paul and Busayo’s home. When the people with Busayo saw us approaching, they wanted to zoom off, but we were alerted by some onlookers and we had to block the road with one of our cars to prevent their escape.

“I personally took the pain of meeting with Paul’s Shepherd, who said the news came in to him as a complete shock. Explaining, how Paul had been in church with him on Saturday the 11th of April 2015 and (there was nothing wrong with Paul) he was his normal self.

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“One of Paul’s neighbours also said Paul had tried warming his car engine earlier that morning. Another church member said Paul called him asking him to call one Tosin because he needed to service his car.

“Why would he then commit suicide all of a sudden? A virtuous woman who has just lost her husband would have been sober and sad, but Busayo wasn’t. A suicide she claims, but she was on the run? Where was she running to? Why was she packing her things? Was she expecting his death? Isn’t his death suspicious?

“Many questions left unanswered. Busayo has to be quizzed. We should have her talk to law enforcement agents,” she explained.

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