Woman who is married to two men, speaks on their roles

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Polyandry, a practice where a woman marries multiple husbands is gaining ground in Zimbabwe.

The trend is not owing to demography because in Zimbabwe, women constitute about 52 percent of the total population with men taking the remaining 48 percent. It is largely to women’s strong sexual drive.


Zimbabwe Daily reported the story of Jack Chako of Bolon Farm in Raffingora. The 38-year-old has been living happily with her two husbands, Michael Hwita and Liford Chimoto, with whom she shares one bed.

It said Chako is the head of the family and the two men have different roles. Between Hwita and Chimoto, the latter is a senior husband

“I love both men. They have different strengths. Chimoto fetches a lot of firewood and cleans up the house well but he is weak in bed and weak when it comes to fending for the family. The reason why I married a second husband is that Chimoto was starving me sexually.

“Hwita is also technically minded. He repairs a lot of broken goods, including cell phones and cobbles shoes too, making him bring some cash home. His biggest strength is he is excellent and strong in bed.

“To be honest, in terms of conjugal rights I favour Hwita. He gets me there. I only do it with Chimoto as a token. At times, I feel pity for Chimoto and give him token conjugal rights and he appreciates that. The rule is no one gets out of the room, because he is not on duty. Whoever is not on duty, just watches us at it,” Chako told the paper.

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