Tattoos often represent something significant and meaningful to the bearer. But to others, it can represent an easy date, research has found.

A study revealed that men were more likely to perceive a woman with a tattoo as more sexually promiscuous than those without.

Swami and Furnham conducted an experiment that tested how men regarded women with an inking, by making subjects sport a temporary tattoo on the beach.

And it would appear that men were more likely to approach those with a tattoo quicker than those without.

Tests also showed that men rated their chances of scoring a date with the tattooed women higher than if they had tattoo-free skin.

On Springer.com the researcher said: ‘Given that men interpret women’s sexual intent according to their physical appearance, we predicted that women with tattoos would be more favorably approached by men.

‘The first experiment showed that more men approached the tattooed confederates and that the mean latency of their approach was quicker.

‘A second experiment showed that men estimated to have more chances to have a date and to have sex on the first date with tattooed confederates.’

As part of the study, those participating in the study pointed to the woman from a short distance away to male beach visitors and asking them their opinion of her, PSMag reported.

Their idea of how attractive she was or not was unaffected by whether she had a tattoo. However, those questions believed they had a better chance of a date with her if she spotted the body art.

Not only that, but they believed they had a better chance of having sex with her on a first date.

The research follows how women who have many sexual partners are disliked by other women – but men who are sexually voracious are less likely to be judged by their peers.

A study found that promiscuous females – defined those who had slept with 20 people by their early 20s – were more likely to be rejected as a friend by another woman.

Experts are not sure exactly why this is, but they believe the behaviour has evolved as an attempt to keep relationships safe.

Interestingly, a woman’s preference for less sexually active friends even remained when the female questioned reported having liberal attitudes to casual sex or a high number of lifetime lovers.

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But the research, carried out by Cornell University developmental psychologists, found that the results were far less striking when men were surveyed.

Researchers found that most men were no more or less likely to be friends with a peer who had a lot of lovers.

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