It is a correct submission to say that a great number of political office holders from APC are doing great in their various capacities. This shows that there is a general principle at work. HONOURABLE ADIJAT  ADELEYE OLADAPO, a member of Ogun State of House of Assembly is not left out of this noble train. Orijoreporter was at the three pronged promise delivery programme she held on the 21st of February 2014where she spoke with Osundiya Abiola on her plan for her constituency among other things.

What is happening here?

 What we are doing here today is a three-package occasion. The first one is the commissioning of a new free ICT training centre. We promise the people of IFO II that if voted into office, we will do this. We have been running one for like two years now but because of the size of the constituency and the enthusiasm that greeted the idea we decided to build another centre which we have done. We will go there together after now for the unveiling ceremony. I must admit that we had some worrisome issues but eventually we are able to get a piece of land to buy in a place where we will be conspicuous. It is by the road in Lambe. So now, we will be having two sections running concurrently. One in our old centre, and another in our new centre.

The second event is our first graduation and award giving ceremony. The last one is a free medical test which we started last February. This is a repeat of last year, only that it has been repackaged to now include a check on all body vitals, and free HIV test. This part of the programme is co-sponsored by the Omoniyi foundation; you see, about four years ago, I lost my younger sister Oluwaseun Omoniyi Adeleye to health complications. The family sat and felt that something should be done to immortalize the young yet great life we lost, hence, the birth of the free medical programme. You see in this present age, it is not until we are down before we know what is happening to our body. The everyday rush has made us think less of our health issues in our priorities. We are encouraging people to come and check their health status.

On a personal note. We heard recently that you crossed to the Labour party. How true is that?

I am a card carrying member of the APC as of today but, it is my belief that the politics of Nigeria as transcend beyond voting for Party. People now vote for individuals. I have friends in the Labour party, the PDP and other political parties. In fact in attendance today are people from various political parties.

This your projects did you get any help outside your office?

Oh yes! We received help on our building project from Honourable Abiodun Akinlade of the house committee on Science and Technology in equipping the new training centre. They gave us equipment and that is all. We are left with managing the place personnel and all.





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