The dye is cast and it’s only the ultra patriots, shall respond to the Clarion call, to salvage both the salvagables & the insolvents, as the essence of the  sound of the Evangelical trumpet, is meaningful only  for those, that believe, in the rapture doctrines of the second coming of the prince of the universe  & those that believe in the aphorism;  that a call to duty, is a challenge to altruistic & discerning minds, prone to the service  the people.

Today, the South East, is haemorrhaging, like never before, with an unprecedented leadership squalor & disconjectures.

The south east is in a serious state of quagmire, dilemma & bound for the Precipice, but alas!, it shall be a downfall,  never to fall again.

A rennaisance of the south east, from the ongoing turmoil portends;

* A total liberation from the hegemonic stronghold, that has held us down, since 1966.

* The  emanating disconfitture of the south east, entails  liberation from the shackles of internal colonization, whose inimical propensity, to our overall well-being, is better imagined than experienced.

* It means prosperity, at last from the state afflicted  & debilitating poverty, which breeds only but, sicknesses & deaths, which have been the bane of our people, for too long.

* It means, freedom from QUOTA-ISM, which has hindered our progression,  that ought to be apar with the Asian tigers.

*Freedom from Mediocrity & nepotism, which are the preferred administrative franchise of this government.

* Freedom from, we have to fail together, which is the choicest leadership dynamic of the caliphate hegemony.

Going by the historic genealogy of the south east, we are hungry & eager for civilization & developments, but the hegemonists, insist, that we have to be stagnated together.

In the face of these pertinent, but unacceptable narrative;

* Where will you be, when the cloud is over?, because sooner, than later, the chicken shall be home bound, to roast.

* Where will you be, when normalcy returns, because, no matter how long the night lasts, it will never stray into the day.

* Where will you be, when the storm & it’s inherent down pour, will give way to sunshine?, where will you be?

* Are you going to be among those, who stood with the oppressed people of the south east, even when, amongst other fundamental denials,  they’re forcefully restricted from even mourning their deaths, in a country, that  supposedly claims to be theirs?. What a travesty?.

* Are you going to be counted among the Patriots, or among the EFULEFUS, that took the easy way, that leads to perdition?,  where shall you be?.

* Are you among those, that never knew that power, is but transient, as whatever has a beginning, definitely, shall end somewhere & someday.

* Are you among folks, that did something, no matter how banal, to succour & palliate the sufferings & subjugations of our people, at their trial & bleeding hours, or amongst those who choose to be silent, so as to appease the hegemonists & for personal, political & financial aggrandizements?.

* The day of reckoning, is by the side, as our ancestors, patriots & compatriots, shall redress all transgressions & betrayals, at the fullness of time.

* Are you for the people (south easterners), or against us?.

* We’ve been through hell & have as a people, suffered traumatized assaults, maiming & killings, but know ye thee, IGBOS are undaunted, irrepressible &, indestructible, as the more you tend to annihilate us, the more we sprout like boisterous mushrooms.

Today, IGBO nation, is found in all the corners and crannies of the world, therefore, don’t dissipate unnecessary energies & resources, trying to activate  your genocidal threats.

*  Because, for you to exterminate the IGBOS, be ready to annihilate the world, which is an uphill task, if not  impossible.

* For you to conquer the IGBOS, be prepared to conquer the world, because,  Igbo nation, is in all the Nations of the world, be it CONGO BRAZZAVILLE?, UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, TOGO, GHANA,  UNITED STATES, CHINA, SWEDEN, RUSSIA et al???. there is IGBO nation, in every country of the planet Earth.

Therefore, perish the idea of a conquered  or annihilated Igbo nation, as the Dynamics & narratives of today’s world, is very different to the referenced 1967- 1970 fractricidal civil war.

Let’s dialogue, embrace peace, as it’s better To jaw-jaw, than, To war-war.

God bless Nigeria!

God bless Ndigbo!!

Good people!!!, Great nation!!!!.

Ozo(Engr.) Patrick Uwaezuoke Mba is a Social advocate.

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