The Ogun State Police Command has arrested a serial rapist for having canal knowledge of his 12-year-old neighbour’s daughter, despite being handed over to the police sometimes ago for a similar offence.

Onyechukwu Patrick, 28, was arrested for rape about three weeks ago in Ijebu –Ode, Ogun State.

The suspect was said to be living in the same compound as neighbours with the 12-year-old girl’s parents and no one except him and the teenage girl were in the compound on the day the incident happened.

It was gathered that the girl’s parents have a dog that Patrick was fond of and due to the care and affection he showered on the dog, the dog spends most of its time at Patrick‘s apartment. It was this dog that Patrick allegedly used as a cover up to perpetrate his shameful act. He was said to have pretended as if he was looking for the dog and entered into his neighbour’s apartment where the innocent girl was sleeping on her parent’s bed and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her.

Patrick, who confessed that he actually forced his way into the little girl, said he had always been attracted to her despite her age and that he was even surprised when the girl didn’t scream while he satisfied his animalistic desire.

It was also gathered that the little girl, out of fear of what the suspect might do to her, did not inform her parents about her ordeal but confided in her friends who came to visit her just after Patrick finished devouring her and raised alarm. She informed the victim’s mother that her daughter was raped by Patrick days after the incident had happened.

However, when Patrick was apprehended, he alleged that it was the girl who invited him to come and play with him when she saw him walking around looking for the dog.

“I was looking for my dog when the girl asked me to come and play with her in their room that she was the only one in the apartment. It was the way she was laying on the bed suggestively that aroused me, coupled with the fact that I have always admired her before that day that I deflowered her. It was when I was having canal knowledge of her that her friends came knocking and when she opened the door and told them what I had done to her, one of them almost broke my back with a wood when I was rushing to put my clothes back on. She was not the one that told her parents about it because that day, she didn’t scream but only cried, and I didn’t spend more than five minutes before I released into her. I begged her not to tell anybody and promised to buy her gifts, but her friends went and told her mother who went to call the policemen that came to arrest me in the house,” Patrick explained.

Information also has it that sometimes ago, before this alleged rape, Patrick was caught fingering this same girl and was taken to the police station but was released after much pleading and promises that he would never do such again either to the girl or any other girl.

The Police Public Relations Officer of the Command, DSP Adejobi Muyiwa, confirmed the story, saying that no sane man would stoop so low to have canal knowledge of a girl he’s old enough to father. He also advised parents to monitor their children at all times and should never leave them alone in any environment so that wicked people like Patrick would not be able to lay their filthy hands on them.

He said the suspect will soon appear in court to face the consequences of the evil he has perpetrated.


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