It has been said that holding pencil lightly between the teeth is a cure for tension headache.

A tension-type headache is the most common type of headache, the familiar pain across the forehead mostly caused by stress, anxiety, tiredness and emotional upset.

A British medical doctor and Aesthetic specialist Dr. Jane Leonard has said that simple relaxation techniques such as massaging the jaw and forehead, gentle jaw stretching exercises or opting for softer foods can help.

And apparently, so can pencils, which holistic approaches recommend as an effective way to treat tension headaches and TMJ dysfunction.

“They are typically caused by spasms of the muscles in the face, neck, jaw and scalp. Patients often hold their temples to indicate where the source of the pain is.

“This is due to spasm of a fan-shaped muscle found across the temples spreading the back of the head called temporalis.”

Dr. Leonard said: “Temporomandibular dysfunction, or TMJ dysfunction can also cause tension headaches. The main cause is jaw clenching and teeth grinding during sleep. This causes spasm of the chewing muscles, which causes a tension – like pain.

“TMJ dysfunction is best managed by tackling the underlying cause of stress,” Dr. Leonard told

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