Buhari’s aide denies N60bn fraud allegation

OrijoReporter.com, Paul Tarela Boroh

The Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta/Coordinator Presidential Amnesty Programme, Brig Gen Paul Tarela Boroh (rtd) has denied wrongdoing after Niger Deltans For Accountability And Good Governance, NDAGG, released a video on January 3, on social media detailing allegation of fraud, corruption and favouritism against him and the National Security Adviser (NSA), Maj Gen Babagana Monguno (rtd).

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Titled: “Unprecedented level of fraud, stealing & corruption in Nigeria under President Buhari”, NDAGG in the video accused Brig Gen Boroh (rtd) of N60bn fraud in Amnesty Office,  favouring his proxies at the expense of the programme’s beneficiaries in  the Agricultural Empowerment/Training Programme and least of all, sharing only ten bags of rice to people as Christmas gifts.

NDAGG also cast aspersion on Monguno and Brig Gen Boroh (rtd) and called on the anti-corruption agency to investigate the latter.

However, the Amnesty Office in a lengthy statement released by Mr. Okuba Wonikefi, the SA on Social Media to Boroh, put a lie to the claims, saying they were made in bad faith and “a figment of the presenters’ imagination in his efforts to blackmail and distract Brig Gen PT Boroh from his good work.”

The statement reads, “From the very first sentence in the video, the emotion of the hatchet man is laid bare. The intent, as the opening line crudely puts it, is to pain the president Muhammadu Buhari’s administration black pointing accusing fingers to the National Security Adviser (NSA) and Brig Gen PT Boroh’s years of public service in the military as one characterised by “betrayals and treachery”. The rest of the malignant article rode along this line. Lies upon lies are lined up.

“It is normal for a public figure, a successful one for that matter, to attract occasional sneer, derision or outright envy. But it is abnormal when such a thing is turned into an organised mob of muckrakers with a mandate to smear the target personality by every available spit they could get. This is the case with an on-going mudslinging against the National Security Adviser (NSA) and Brig Gen PT Boroh (rtd).”

It added: “The instinct initially was to laugh this off and move on, as one of those propaganda and flimsy blackmail achievers like Boroh often encounter. However, on a second thought one is tempted to put out a response because the professional liar presented the ludicrously false statements, presented tissues of lies in a way that may look factual to unsuspecting public who knows not.

“Brig Gen PT Boroh (rtd), has never had divided attention since assuming the position of the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta/Coordinator Presidential Amnesty Programme, He has executed his mandate in such a way that today, midway into President Buhari’s first term in office, great strides has been achieved in the Amnesty Programme. It should also be stated that as someone who has been actively involved in the resolution of Liberian conflict in 1994-1995, and resolution of Sierra-Leone conflict in 1999-2000, under the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission and in 2009-2010, the Chief of Staff of the United Nations Mission in Liberia, in 2010-2012 he was Commandant of the Nigerian Army Peacekeeping Centre, Kaduna, Nigeria, where he had Pre-Deployment Training of about 12,000 soldier’s before induction into the United Nations Mission in Darfur, Somalia, Liberia, Cote de Ivor etc. with his wealth of experience in Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR), he has made great impact and added value to the Amnesty Programme.

“One is entitled to disagree or even hate Brig Gen PT Boroh (rtd), for whatever personal reason, bordering from stoppage of fraudulent contractors at the Amnesty Office, ensure more than 90% completion of job before final payment, maximum inspection, monitoring and evaluation of training and empowerment packages for beneficiaries etc.,

“Having said that, another non-sequitur claims on which the amnesty office finds very disturbing, is the notion thatSpecial Adviser to the President on Niger Delta/Coordinator Presidential Amnesty Programme, Brig Gen PT Boroh (rtd), should step aside for investigations. This is barbaric and an insult to his personality.”

According to Wonikefi, his principal recorded a long list of achievements in Amnesty.

He wrote: “Anyone who has followed activities at the amnesty office under the leadership of Brig Gen PT Boroh (rtd), can attest to the overall positive transformation in all areas. It is on record that the Amnesty Office has been very diligent in the discharge of its duties. The Brig Gen PT Boroh’s led Amnesty Office in2015/2016 and 2016/2017 Academic Sessions respectively deployed over 2,000 education qualified beneficiaries both offshore and onshore and all necessary payments were made.

“However, through the Training/Empowerment Programme re-awakened by Brig Gen PT Boroh, he has Trained and Set-Up over 4,000 beneficiaries in their choice areas of business ranging from professional trading and skills, agriculture, building material and commodities, restaurant and bar, timber saw milling, baking and confectionary, film making and videography, industrial safety etc., making them entrepreneurs (Self-Employed) across Niger Delta. The facts are there for everyone to see.

“As a public institution our records are open to all to scrutinize. In 2016, N20 billion was released to the office, 2016 budget virement additional N35 billion was released funds were vired from variousbudget lines in the 2016 Appropriation Act.In 2017, N65 billion was budgeted for, only about N35billion has been released yet making a total of N90billion that has been released from the Ministry Of Finance under Brig Gen PT Boroh’s administration.

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“However, in managing the 33,000 beneficiaries of the Amnesty programme, it is the responsibility of the amnesty office to pay monthly stipends, tuition fees and in-training allowances for offshore and onshore education delegates, training cost and in-training allowances for onshore vocational training delegates, payment for empowerment and setting up of already trained beneficiaries etc., therefore, it is not possible for anyone to divert N60b as claimed by the ndagg in their recent Facebook video.”


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