Akwa-Ibom’s most needlessly wasteful spending is taking place under the Godswill Akpabio-led government, orijoreporter can reveal.

Gov. Akpabio’s fiscal profligacy got to a ridiculous height last year when he wasted billions of taxpayer money on musician, Tuface and Annie’s wedding. He gave the couple two brand new Toyota Prado SUVs and bankrolled an all-expense paid trip for 29 delegates from the state to attend the white wedding of the couple in Dubai.

He also hosted a lavish state dinner in honour of the couple and promised to rehabilitate the Eket-Ibeno Road ahead of their child dedication.

If all that is not news, what is news is that the governor recently gifted a Mercedes Benz bullet proof car to an ex-Naval Chief of Northern extraction. The car is valued at #40m.

It was gathered that taxpayers’ money was used to procure the car as a letter issued by one Mrs. Stella Usah from the office of Secretary to the State Government with reference number SSG/ AKS/S119/ S vol 11/243 and addressed to the former Naval Chief Vice Admiral Dele Joseph Ezeoba was used to perfect the ‘shady procurement’.

The Mercedes Benz is E350 with Engine Number A2760150201591 and has chassis number WDD2120591A905842

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  1. Ezeoba is from Delta state. What “northern extraction” are you guys on about? Some many loopholes in this story. People are just mad that Gov. Godswill Akpabio is the best performing Governor. I personally carried out a survey, asked about 30 people from Akwa-ibom state what they think of Akpabio governance, 99% were all smiles. That’s validation enough. So this story is meaningless.

  2. To what end is this post? Some many fabrications and lies. You people should please leave Gov. Godswill Akpabio to keep working o. Please don’t distract with this unnecessary story. Can I ask a question, Who paid for this post to be published? It must be a bitter person. Akpabio, keep working.

  3. Wow! You people can really write fiction in this blog! If I wasn’t at tuface’s wedding, I would have swallowed this lie about the Mercedes Benz too. Kai! Is it easy to steal public funds and splurge like that. You people should lie with sense sometimes. See fake chasis number…smh

  4. so, since you are now 007 and you were able to somehow magically obtain the Chasis and Engine number of a Vehicle bought by a Govt official, in my opinion, “which is highly unlikely” what about the dealers name? also where is the proof or invoice with the said sum of this claimed purchase you write about?

  5. Going by how often i get to find bogus information on most of our media sites, i don’t think this is any different. where did you get the info from in the first place? or do you work at the dealership where the said car was sold? don’t just go about posting fiction, people are way smarter than that these days.

  6. Ebola is busy killing Nigerians, and yet instead of people like you to foucus on messages geared at getting and influencing the Govt to work towards geeting the experimental vacines into the country, you are here talking trash about cars and money. what use is money or wealth without life in the first place?, may God save us all.

  7. Haha very senseless story… We need more evidence please , what’s dealers name ? What is d invoice number ? If you can provide me with dis then I’ll take you more serious 🙂

  8. What’s the need of fabricating chassis and memo numbers that do not exist ? Please go get a life and stop writing falsehood

  9. Also,every governor has his personal and private life…has anyone come to think of it dat d gov derived his money from his private funds??for him to give a car to d ex naval chief , Ezeoba and a musician does dat not bring doubt bout him depriving pensioners of deir pension..

    • Oho, i know ? tell them, does it mean if you are a governor you cant even cough in your house any longer. Akpabio was rich even before he became the governor, so he can afford to give a car, if some of us small boys can give our girl friends cars what is the big deal if a governor gives a friend a car

  10. If any of the Nigerian governor should be publicly criticized for lavish spending, Gov. Gdswill Akpabio should be spared out of it. Have you tried to ask even if you are living abroad what the governor is doing in the state ? Please, for christ’s sake stop talking about what you do not know

  11. I thought you have something serious to tell Nigerians, never knew i wasted my time reading lies cooked up by an idle Nigerian. Please, ask questions before you start writing rubbuish

  12. Choi! See fabrication! I looked up this Number yet it just wasn’t enough. I need more details on the logistics of d car procurement and delivery since you happen to claim to know some things.buying a bullet proof car for a naval officer makes a whole lot of sense and giving out gifts to newly married couples ain’t that bad either. Thou, u added a lot of salt and pepper to your story.

  13. Which insane or rather real secretary of state will allow a common journalist like you to publish her details? Secretaries ain’t that stupid. So, Mr journalist you have failed in this attempt to deceive Nigerians because you and I know that 1 out of 20 Nigerian will try to verify your claims. What will I use chassis and engine number for? Mscheeww


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